After the hardest news Bruce Willis and Emma Heming are back together on Instagram for two sweet shots. More than a week has passed since the news of the actor’s retirement from the scene due to aphasia , a disease that has “compromised his cognitive abilities” as the family had explained in a note published on social media.
A deeply difficult time for Willis and his loved ones, who huddled around him with great love. And the photos published by his wife Emma Heming on Instagram tell of a beautiful bond. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming return to Instagram, the photos together Two shots that portray them in the middle of nature, which reveals complicity and love. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming return to Instagram for some photos in which they show themselves together. To immortalize these precious moments , the 10-year-old daughter of the couple Mabel Ray : “Mom and dad in their favorite habitat” reads the caption and, in the images published on Emma Heming’s Instagram profile, husband and wife can be seen sitting immersed in the greenery, on the their faces smiles and looks that are more powerful than any word.
The two have been married since 2009 and, just recently, the couple celebrated 13 years of marriage. On that occasion, the former model shared a shot of the wedding in which she is visibly moved and excited. With a hint of irony she wrote in support of her photo: “13 years ago, those wedding speeches really sent us over the edge. Have a good time”.
Their bond is very nice , after all Bruce Willis also has an excellent relationship with his ex-wife Demi Moore and with all his daughters. Affections that, on the occasion of the difficult announcement of the disease, emerged in all their power. Bruce Willis, the announcement of his retirement
The rumors that something was wrong had already been around for some time, but the confirmation that it was truth and not just rumors arrived on March 30 with a joint statement of all the affections of Bruce Willis.
Through Instagram, in fact, and sharing a photo of the actor they wrote: “With Bruce’s incredible supporters we wanted to share, as a family, that our beloved has had some health problems and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia , which is influencing his cognitive abilities ”, reads the caption of the photo.
“As a result, and with a lot of consideration, Bruce will walk away from his careerthat meant so much to him. This is a really challenging time for our family – they explained, and then added – We wanted to involve his fans because we know how much he means to you, as well as you to him “.
Then they concluded: “As Bruce always says, ‘Live it’ and together we intend to do just that.” All the women in Bruce Willis’ life signed the press release: his wife Emma Heming, his ex-wife Demi Moore and his five children, Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Mabel and Evelyn.
A news that has struck the world of cinema and the many fans of the actor to the heart, which has enchanted the public and entertained him in the numerous films that have seen him act during his long and fruitful career.
Now the photos with his wife Emma Heming, in which they can be seen together serene and in love in the middle of nature, is almost a gift for all the people who were waiting for news about the actor.
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