New rumors are emerging on what promises to be the glamorous wedding of the year, the one that makes you dream and dictates style – so much so that it is imitated for a long time by the other VIPs of the moment: Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz will get married in a wonderful 103 million location dollars. Yes, the long-awaited ceremony – already postponed due to Covid 19 – will have a screaming background. They decided, according to the Sun, to take advantage of Nicola’s family’s vacation home in Palm Beach, Florida.
Nicola’s father, billionaire tycoon Nelson Peltz, bought a huge estate– known as Montsorrel – for $ 103 million in 2015, deciding to use it for his lavish vacation. The property extends for the beauty of 4 thousand square meters of gardens, breathtaking sea views, a huge villa and a fabulous swimming pool. In short, the ideal backdrop for an outdoor wedding to remember forever.
The choice must not have been difficult, even though both Brooklyn and Nicola’s families own numerous luxury properties, all perfect for a classy wedding: between Nicola’s parents’ 27-bedroom villa in Bedford, on the outskirts of New York, and David and Victoria Beckham’s country retreat in the Cotswolds, you were spoiled for choice. Obviously, he could only win the wonderful sea view of Montsorrel! After the ceremony, however, Brooklyn and Nicola will live in Los Angeles , on a property worth ten million dollars. Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding details
The two wonderful lovers let themselves go to some other revelation on the details of the organization: Nicola revealed that it will not be her future mother-in-law Victoria Beckham who will design the dress, but that her dresses – yes, there will be two and will be changed between ceremony and reception – will be signed Valentino . Created with bespoke models and fabrics personally chosen in Rome by the actress and her trusted advisors, they promise to leave everyone speechless. In fact, she said in an interview with CR Fashion Book:
The first time I went to Rome I took my mother and my brother Brad, who will be my best man, and then Leslie Fremar, one of my best friends.
The wedding date, which has remained secret for a long time, seems to be confirmed: guests are expected in Florida for April 9, 2022 . The gossip about the
Nicola and Brooklyn wedding have long been at the center of gossip about alleged weddings already celebrated: they officially got engaged in July 2020 and a few weeks later the news spread that they were already married. A gossip born with the appearance on their ring fingers of two faiths. He, in a photo on her social media, had immediately defined her as “My wife” and she had replied “Mine forever”, giving rise to the suspicion of a marriage that had already taken place in great secrecy.In reality they were just sweet declarations of love from two lovers who can’t wait to get married: hold on, it’s very close now! We can’t wait to see the photos taken in a location that is already making you dream.
Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

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