Princess Margaret of England, Elizabeth II’s little sister, was anything but boring. Netflix’s The Crown series has highlighted one of the most charismatic figures of the Windsors, the princess who wanted to be queen, but rebelled. Getting away with it was his main goal; Perhaps because of his stubborn character and his sarcastic humor , nothing to do with the sense of responsibility, fidelity and duty of his sister , Elizabeth II of England.
Margarita was a fascinating character: a sharp, modern, rebellious and glamorous woman with a magnetismtremendous clinging always to a cigarette. Had he been born into any other family, perhaps he would have found happiness. But her birth order limited her to living in her sister’s long shadow under archaic constitutional corsets.
She rebelled against the crown – hence her nickname ‘the royal rebel’ – but refused to give up her privileges for her first love, Peter Townsend. Something that condemned her to spend the rest of her days as an incredibly spoiled prisoner, as dissatisfied as unpredictable ; dependent on the same royal chains that she despised so much and playing her role as capricious princess without complexes.
When Margarita died in 2002, she left behind a compendium of anecdotesand stories that –whether or not they were true– never cease to be fascinating.
When Princess Margaret met Elizabeth Taylor at a dinner party, Elizabeth II’s sister allegedly told the actress that the 33.19-carat Krupp diamond that Richard Burton had given her – and that Taylor was wearing in a ring – was ” vulgar”. Taylor reportedly replied, “Isn’t that great
,” before convincing Margarita to try it on. When he put it on, Taylor blurted out, “It doesn’t look so tacky now, huh

Grace Kelly was also up to her tricks. I blurt out, “You don’t look like a movie star.” Offended, the actress replied: “Well, you’re not born a movie star.”
It wasfamous for always being late, no matter the solemnity of the occasion. Alcohol and tobacco were his two essential vices, in addition to men. To such an extent that after a party in honor of Marlene Dietrich at Kensington Palace, she realized that she was missing four bottles of a very special vodka that had been given to her. With that mix of royal parsimony and extravagance that characterized her, she didn’t stop until she located the culprit.

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