Although for many everything has already been invented, fashion is constantly evolving . Always adapting to the needs and contexts of women at every moment of history, fashion has lived through stages of baroque, bright colors, studs and shoulder pads and comfortable and practical garments. Now that women are looking for off- road outfits but without losing an iota of elegance and personality, the boyish trend is gaining more and more weight. But let the anglicism not lead anyone to go crazy. The boyish style consists of wearing women’s clothing designed with masculine characteristics , something that is increasingly seen in all areas and contexts.

From classic black to sequins

With Coco Chanel as the forerunner and muse of the trend, the boyish style combines traditionally masculine elements with other feminine ones. This is the case of tuxedos, once reserved for a few daring women and now a must in many wardrobes. Originally only the male garment was feminized –maintaining shape and color–, but currently it is undergoing all kinds of innovations. From the use of bold colors to the use of sequins . One way to wear it is to wear the two pieces with the traditional white shirt, as Emma Watson or Alexa Chung do.
The point of sophistication of the look is put by court shoes –which can be black or opt for ared or bougainvillea – and a cluntch with some striking detail (either a stone inlay or an animal detail ). For big events –if you are daring– you can opt for a two-piece in which the jacket also doubles as a blouse and the colors and materials are out of the ordinary, as Natalia de Molina does . You can also turn the jacket into a dress, like Blake Lively does .

From big events to day to day

The tuxedo, designed more for big events, has a replica for day to day. From that gala suit , this two-piece for any situation. To add a special touch to the style, you can use theprints of the moment , such as paintings or animal print, or neon tones. To make it more informal and to be able to wear it on a daily basis, you can always opt for simplification . Straight-cut pants combined with a blazer, t-shirt and sneakers – as Paula Echevarria wears – is one of this season’s outfits.

From the ‘tuxedo’ to the more ‘British’ two-piece

The boyish trend seems to be reduced to garments that combine a suit and jacket . For this reason, another of the outfits is the Oxford-type jacket – very popular in recent winters – combined with a shirt with wide lapels and palazzo pants .(If you want to go to the latest, corduroy is the star fabric for this garment). The touch of glamor – also taking advantage of the fact that the cold is approaching – can be provided by a Parisian-style beret . Originally designed for men, Oxford-type shoes combine perfectly with this style, either in its flat version or its version with a heel. Due to its versatility and comfort, this shoe can be used in any look.

The ‘oversize’ style, always a hit

These trends also coexist with the oversize style, which became popular in jackets and vestsand that it consisted of borrowing those clothes from boyfriends, parents or brothers. How comfortable they are have invited many brands to create their own line of this kind.

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