Twenty years ago, following the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), botox began to be used for therapeutic purposes, in the ophthalmology and neurological sectors. Using it to combat strabismus, it was found that it had welcome side effects: it reduced wrinkles . In 2004 botulinum toxin type A was also approved by law in Italy, and from 2005 to 2008 the treatments increased from 20 thousand to 110 thousand. The effect of the drug is transient: it appears after 3 days, a week maximum, and lasts from three to six months. Softens facial expressions, relaxes expression lines. Problems arise when it goes where it shouldn’t, affecting a muscle or gland near the intervention point, which can happen very easily if you don’t rely on an expert. The risk is to find an expressionless face . The age of the patients (85% and women) who undergo the treatment has dropped significantly: the average ranges from 35 to 50 years. Doctor Magda Belmontesi, dermatologist, he explains why: «Many times we go to act on expression lines not linked to aging, especially the glabellar ones, which mark the eyes even of young people. Often it is enough to stretch that type of crease to restore the right youth to the face. Many times a small correction is enough to restore harmony and youth ». Some striking cases to report to us
Many famous people, but I can’t name names, I would say both female and male anyway. But I will mention a case of my oldest patient, who is an 89 year old lady, who came to me about 4-5 years ago and told me that she wanted to improve her appearance because she had become a great grandmother, and therefore did not want her great granddaughter to get scared. looking at her, he didn’t see her ugly “like the nutty witch”. We therefore decided together on some adjustments that would not change her age, applying a little bit of Botox in a very modulated way, because she did not want to erase the wrinkles, but to see herself less marked. Basically we went to act on the folds of the glabella, on the sides of the nose, plus a peeling to make the skin smoother. In which areas of the face you have the best resultsSpeaking of aesthetic medicine, the face is usually divided into three areas: upper third, middle third and lower third. In the upper third, the ideal regions to act are the forehead, eyebrow, fold of the glabella, eye contour. In the middle third, on the other hand, the nose and cheekbones. But also the upper part of the upper lip, which responds well to treatments with fillers, capable today of recreating volumes without the excesses of the past. In the lower third I mention the lower part of the mouth and the mandibular contour, both to be treated with soft treatments with fillers and, in the case of the mandibular contour, photorejuvenation, radiofrequency but also peeling to give the skin luminosity. In what other parts of the body can it be used
Botox can also be used in the neck to correct vertical folds, due to a muscle called platysma, made up of two bands that move away with age, creating folds. Then there are other applications that are used abroad, and which are being evaluated in Italy, such as that of compacting the muscles to give them a more toned appearance. In Asia it is sometimes used to modify the profile of the calf: “ethnic” indications are born according to different cultures. A last widespread indication is that of mesobotox, which is nothing more than a mixture of very minimal doses of botulinum toxin with vitamins or biostimulation substances. They are applied in a carpet on the decollete, and give a skin mocrodistension. It is a technique invented by the Koreans. What do you think of fillers
Fillers are a great help but I believe it is essential to use absorbable fillers, which are absolutely non-permanent. Because they have nothing permanent: they don’t stop time, but they leave permanent damage. The first was collagen, now the master of the scene is hyaluronic acid . Here too there are many types, and it is important to choose serious products that have an important scientific research behind them. It is necessary to ask the doctor for information, to have the packaging shown, to have an indication of which type of hyaluronic acid is used, which must be the most suitable for that specific case of correction. The same method to apply to Botox
Yes, it is important. From filler to peeling to laser technology, today all serious companies give the patient the opportunity to document the treatment done. In addition to the sites there are brochures, detailed explanations, product traceability. What to do to keep your skin beautiful
You need to start taking care of it as soon as possible. I especially recommend using a good moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen , at least a medium factor, every day to prevent photoaging damage. By average factor what is meantBetween 15 and 30, whether it’s incorporated into a moisturizer, foundation, or applied over the moisturizer. Then I would say that it is important to have a good antioxidant action. This is a good basis for beauty, because every medical or cosmetic surgery treatment must work on the quality of the skin, and we must take care of the quality of the skin, moisturizing it, protecting it and eating well. When a doctor has to say no to a patient
When he’s not ready for that treatment: never force it. It must say not when it is not a suitable treatment, and when the patient has wrong expectations. You can’t think that botulinum or filler solves the problems of a wrong marriage or that they give back the look of a 20 year old to a 70 year old! In my practice I have to say that almost every month I happen to say no to patients of all ages, for many different treatments.

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