XXL hair is no longer in fashion, although some still do not dare to give themselves a good snip. Now the trends in hair go through the medium lengths and the bob haircuts live their maximum splendor (we recommend that you study the bob haircuts that are most requested in the hairdressers to find yours). In addition, the proximity of summer and the need to opt for a comfortable haircut invite us to cut to the chase, study all the trends in haircuts and take risks with a good change of look .
Although, if what you are really looking for is a hair style that becomes the best haircut of the summer, that favors all types of hair and faces and that is super comfortable, you have to know the blunt cut . It is a haircut that bets on medium length hair in a super straight version and that only needs the most trendy bangs for medium length hair to become the best haircut for summer .
The blunt cut has a perfect length for hot summer days. It clears the neck area, but it also invites us to wear it in a ponytail. This haircut, whose length can vary centimeters above, centimeters below, brings a lot of movement and volume to the hair.. Despite the fact that it does not have layers nor is it paraded, the blunt cut reduces the weight of the mane and avoids the empty layers effect that some paraded haircuts cause. In that sense, this seems like a perfect haircut to gain more body and not worry about combing it .
The blunt cut makes medium hair stop being bland to become the best summer haircut for its comfort. Best of all, its length is perfect for all types of hair and faces . Women with straight hair will see the blunt cut as the best ally to gain volume, while those with curly hair will see their waves much stronger and more defined .
In the case of facial features, being a medium length you can forget about your features and even play with different types of bangs to achieve a style that best suits your personality. If you want the medium length to become your best hair ally, you have to know the blunt cut, which is already postulated as the best haircut for summer .

How to get a blunt cut haircut

This term comes from the English words blunt (direct) and cut (cut). It is a new hair style that bets on medium length hair and that is obtained thanks to the skill of the hairdresser, who makes dry cuts in the hairto achieve a straight cut with a very precise layout and clean edges.

The tips are well aligned without any gradient to create a hairstyle with a very graphic air. This look is reminiscent of the mythical haircut that you surely wore when you were little. There you may not have been aware, but your mother was a visionary when it came to hair trends. What we like most about this perfect summer haircut (besides its comfort, obviously) is that its rigorous and defined lines give a super Parisian touch to our look.

The best haircut for summer claims the medium length

Another aspect that makes the blunt cut the best haircut for summer is that you canbet on the medium length regardless of your hair type or the features of your face. On the one hand, it gives body to straight hair and, on the other, it structures the curls in wavy or curly hair.
Although it is perfect to make it look like there is more if you have fine hair , you should be careful if your hair is thick and dense. This type of cut tends to make the hair heavier, so your hairdresser should lighten it by progressively thinning it at the roots instead of at the ends to achieve the right balance after a few months.
The key to the blunt cut is that it plays between a long bob and a medium length., betting on the perfect length so that the change of look is evident, but without risking too much. In fact, it is the perfect cut for those who do not dare to go from long hair to, for example, a bob, since it is the perfect intermediate point to start exploring new possibilities , especially in the face of summer.
Another touch that stands out about the blunt cut is that it has very straight ends but slightly longer in front than in the back, combing them inwards and that experts usually recommend for all types of faces, since it is very flattering and versatile . In short, the blunt cut has everything it takes to be the best haircut for summer. and we know that, as soon as you try it, it will become your favorite hair styling in the world.

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