Change of look we love. Especially now that both haircuts and colorings seek to bring out the best in ourselves, although, deep down, what we are looking for with a change of look is a much more rejuvenated appearance . That is why the bob chop is the most demanded haircut in hairdressers and for that same reason the illuminated brunette is the most trending highlights .
We know that both haircuts and colors have the gift of making us look younger, but there is one color in particular that has the gift of taking ten years off your face.. It’s called blorange, it’s a hybrid between blonde and red and it’s the perfect hair color to look much younger (although it’s not suitable for all women).
Unlike the ginger peach, the blorange is a much more subtle hair color that what it seeks is, through the mixture of shades, to give us a much younger appearance . The game of contrasts, the lighting of different areas of the hair or the various techniques with which we can achieve this coloration play a super important role when it comes to achieving that rejuvenated look that we like so much.
Designed primarily for fair-skinned women, blorange is the perfect hair color to take ten years off your face.and, in addition, mark the change of look with more personality of the season.

What is blorange, the hair color that mixes blondes and redheads

Blorange is a term that has been created to describe the combination of two hair tones . As soon as you have observed the name of the hair color with which to take ten years off, you will have realized that blorange is that hair color halfway between blond (blonde) and orange (orange) . The result of this fusion is a very light and striking copper color, also known as Irish blonde, for more than obvious reasons.
It is an ideal tone for blondes looking for a temporary change, daring but not too marked. In addition, it is very easy to achieve on blonde tones since it will not be necessary to go through previous discolorations as would be the case with dark hair. In addition to being a most daring and flattering coloration , blorange is the typical hair color with which to take off ten years at a stroke. The combination of blonde and red gives anyone who opts for this tone a much fresher and more youthful appearance than other colors .

Who favors the blorange hair color with rejuvenating effect
This orange blonde, which is the hallmark of celebrities like Jessica Chastain or Emma Stone (and our beloved Nicole Kidman in her day), favors fair-skinned women with pink undertones . When it comes to presenting a much more rejuvenated appearance , this color is perfect for women with this type of skin, since it softens their features and gives them an almost girlish appearance (but without going overboard). It is not highly recommended for women with dark complexions, as the contrast is unflattering.

How to wear blorange hair color and look younger
When it
comes to finding a way to wear blorange hair color, it is key to take into account our features and how we want to sweeten them to look younger. In addition, we must also take into account how daring we are, since it is not the same to bet on a very high redhead blorange coloration, than to do it for some balayage highlights with which to achieve that hybrid between blondes and redheads so rejuvenating and flattering.

Blorange in pastel tones : Pastel tones made the leap from fashion to beauty salons and, how could it be otherwise, they are perfect for a blorange coloration. Although, yes, this version of blorange is for the most daring. The best thing about this coloration is that you choose if you want it lighter or darker, blonder or more orange and with it you will take ten years off yourself.

Balayage highlights blorange version: They have tried to eliminate them, but balayage is so versatile and flattering that it even becomes the perfect ally when opting for a blorange hair color. Go for some balayage highlights in blorange tones if you want to join the trend of the moment with a personalized look with a lot of movement.

Ombre technique for a blorange : The blorange ombre goes a step further and plays with the different points of light to create volumes and textures with which it will be very easy to have a much more rejuvenated appearance. It is daring, youthful, refreshing and very flattering. Combine it with a wavy bob and you will have the most rejuvenating makeover you could have imagined.

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