Having overcome the shatush and the highlights, in 2021 the balayage is the trend in hair fashion.
However, not many people know that it is not a new technique. It already existed in France in the seventies and is perfect for any woman who wants to change her look without doing anything drastic.
Its current fame is mainly due to some actresses who have chosen to undo it on several occasions. One example is Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex & the City. Blonde balayage: what is

  • Blonde balayage: what is it
  • Difference between balayage and shatush
    • Balayage fai da te
    • Price
    • How long does it last
    • How to maintain the effect of blonde balayage
  • Blonde Balayage: what nuances exist
  • Blond balayage for those who look good
    • Cold and warm blonde balayage
      • Freddo
      • Heat
  • Hairstyles to enhance balayage
  • Mistakes to avoid

Balayage is a hair lightening technique that allows you to have natural reflections that are very close to those we get by exposing ourselves to the sun during the summer.
Usually the lightening does not turn out to be very conspicuous because it is a matter of lightening only by one or two tones compared to the starting color. In this case, the blonde balayage will have different shades based on the natural color of the woman who wants to do it. Difference between balayage and shatush
These two techniques are often confused with each other. The difference is in the application.
The Shatush allows you to see the effect especially on the tips while the Balayage on the whole hair. DIY balayage
Being a method of bleaching, it is not recommended to do it at home independently. It is always better to rely on an expert who can check which locks need to be bleached and do it in the right way. Furthermore, the use of unsuitable products could lead to unpleasant consequences that only a good hairdresser could remedy. Price
The balayage in 2021 is in vogue and in great demand by many people, especially by celebrities, for this reason the price varies a lot. What affects the cost is certainly the center you go to and the hair stylist. If you go to your trusted hairdresser you will certainly spend less than at a renowned beauty center in the city center.
Prices usually start from € 65 for short hair, up to € 100 for long hair.
If, on the other hand, you just have to touch it up, then you can think about spending between € 40 and € 60. How long it lasts
The duration depends on how fast your hair grows. If it is applied about 10 cm from the hairline, you will have no problem having to touch it up in a short time because it will always look the same. On average, it is recommended not to do it again before 6 months or until the hair is cut, also in order not to further and unnecessarily stress the hair. How to maintain the effect of blonde balayage
To ensure that the effect lasts over time, it is recommended to take precautions with some products that nourish the hair without damaging it. For example it is good to use:

  • Flax seed
  • Aloe vera
  • Mask and color protection
  • Natural shampoo for colored hair
  • Argan oil

Another method is to not subject the hair to excessive use of hair dryers and straighteners.
The heat, in the long run, will give a burnt effect on the tips and therefore a retouching will be necessary already after 3 months. Try to keep your hair as natural as possible by not subjecting it to continuous changes in temperature. Blonde Balayage: what shades exist
People who are already naturally blonde, can opt for different shades according to their taste and also the season in which it is carried out.
The main ones are:

  • Platinum: suitable for those with a very light complexion
  • Light blond: perfect for those who already have natural hair on blond or caramel blond
  • Sand / Malt: ideal for those who want to achieve a slightly different effect from the classic
  • Caramel: for those who start with light brown / dark blond hair
  • Honey blonde: suitable for those starting from an ash blonde or light brown base
  • Ash blonde: made famous thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker (actress of Sex & the City)

The first two, for example, will be perfect before the summer season. Blond balayage for those who are good
Balayage is a hair lightening technique starting from a base and varying by 1 or 2 shades, blonde balayage is certainly good for those who do not already have a dark base of hair.
Starting with a dark brown and doing a blonde balayage will create a contrast that will give a messy and careless effect. On the contrary, blonde balayage is great for those who already have white hair as they will be less noticeable when doing this technique.
To have a better effect, it is advisable not to do this if you have short hair. You need to have hair that reaches at least to the shoulders. Cold and warm blonde balayage
The Blonde Balayage is distinguished in cold and warm according to the tonality and also according to the starting color. Cold
The cold blonde balayage is good for those who already start from a natural blonde base and turns out to be the most compatible compared to other blonde balayages. It can also be chosen by those with brown or red hair, but in this case it will be necessary to resort to continuous maintenance as the visible. Warm
The warm version is instead indicated for those who start from a brown base while it is not recommended for those who already have a natural blond. There is the bronde version that is suitable for all brown / light brown women, because it is a shade between brown (chestnut) and blonde (blond). Hairstyles to enhance balayage
To enhance the blond balayage if you have straight hair you can, thanks to the use of the plate or with the hairdryer, create a wavy hair.
The movement, in fact, highlights this technique. If, on the other hand, you want to have your hair gathered, you can opt for a classic braid left soft.
Even a high half-up can be fine if the hair, in the loose part, is still wavy. Mistakes to avoid
To have a perfect balayage there are “guidelines” that must be followed and mistakes that must be absolutely avoided:

  • DIY balayage: for a catastrophic result this is the right way! Thinking of being able to do it independently without any knowledge or help is really difficult and could lead to an unsatisfactory result that someone competent will then have to remedy. It is a coloring technique and you have to keep in mind that you need to have: a good view to understand which strands to cover; knowledge of the products to choose the right shade; thorough knowledge of colors to have the correct color; knowledge of the procedure and timing. Better to spend a few more bucks but be sure of the result.
  • Do it more than twice a year: it is not necessary to take back all the hair more than twice a year. You can resort to a simple retouching thus avoiding that the hair becomes frayed and stressed too much.
  • Neglected hair: hair subjected to balayage or any other bleaching / coloring technique must be treated with care and the right products must be used. It is always good to prefer 100% natural products and make at least one mask a week for colored hair.
  • Next cut: if it is considered necessary to cut your hair, it must be done before the balayage and not after! Absolutely not to be applied on brittle, damaged or weak tips. Whatever shade of blonde balayage you choose, remember that taking care of your hair is the starting point to always have it strong and resistant.
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