Blanco and style are a winning combination: his Sanremo looks have made their way into the hearts of the public, together with a song interpreted with Mahmood which – just as the title promises – aroused chills .
Very young, his career is now launched and the many VIPs present at the first date of the Blu Celeste Tour during which – at a certain point – he performed in a bra also demonstrate it . Blanco performs in bra
Lots of stories that have been shared on social media, which reflect moments of the concert. There are also many VIPs present such as the Hyena Veronica Ruggeriwho filmed the moment of the performance with the bra and posted it on her Instagram profile. But she was not the only one present, at the concert there were the other Iena Nicolo De Devitiis, Roshelle and many others.
The look with which she presented herself on stage was another but, during the performance, Blanco undressed and then put on a bra that – apparently – would have been thrown on stage. The public was in a frenzy , but we, if we have to choose, we prefer it in a tank top. Or with one of the looks that he had shown off during Sanremo where he had triumphed with Shivers together with Mahmood.
Before performing, the one in Padua was the first date of the tour, he had suggested to fans through a post on Instagram ondress code of the evening : black and white. And it must be said that the singer kept his word, because even when he wore the bra he still kept the two-tone.
Soon we will see him again with Mahmood during the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin and the wait, as well as to hear a now beloved song, and also for the looks they will decide to show off on the prestigious stage. Blanco, his looks
About him The looks that Blanco wore during his performances have always left their mark. In Sanremo he was among the most admired among the singers who took the stage of the Ariston. Open jackets, transparent shirts, cloak: the very young singer appeared sophisticated , elegant,but with that fashion touch to copy. In fact, he managed to show off a well-defined style without losing that allure necessary for important evenings.
For the first date of her tour she chose a black and white look, which then changed over the course of the evening. Up to the bra worn to sing Chills : the answer was the delirious audience, but we undoubtedly prefer it in a tank top or with those “I see, I don’t see” shirts and shirts that made it a perfect example of style at the Italian Song Festival . Blanco, the steps of his career
By him Born in 2003, Blanco is one of the artists of the moment : the victory in Sanremo paired with Mahmood, the sold out tour, the individuals who have grinded consensus. All in a very short time because the first album – Blu Celeste – is from 2021 and launched it in the Olympus of the most loved artists. A career that started with a bang, which saw him achieve important results such as the victory at Ariston.
So it is shortly to be able to admire it again paired with Mahmood . And he who knows if he will be able to give us new thrills during the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year (thanks to the Maneskin’s victories in 2021) will be hosted by Italy: appointment at the PalaOlimpico in Turin starting from 10 May.
Veronica Ruggeri’s Instagram stories

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