So far we have explained what a solar greenhouse consists of. But you may be wondering what points it has more than a simple veranda. Here you will find all the answers you are looking for. A bioclimatic greenhouse is an absolutely modern and different solution. Let’s see why. Why choose a solar greenhouseThanks to its particular characteristics, a solar greenhouse allows you to save energy and limit carbon dioxide emissions. This is an advantage for us, for our wallet and also for the habitat in which we live, after all the word “bio” means life itself.You will improve your comfort, it will be like having an extra room in your home, to be used as you see fit. It can become a substitute for the living room, a study room or simply a place to relax in solitude or to receive guests. An original green building solution.
You will have a thermoregulated environment, you can enjoy the heat in winter and the coolness in summer. The most inviting part is knowing that you can expand your home without affecting the square footage. Just adapt to the rules in force and that’s it. Not to mention the value your home will buy. In fact, bioclimatic greenhouses are considered avant-garde and are highly sought after by buyers, who value the purchase price of a house equipped with this type of greenhouse much higher. In short, with a simple move you will be able to make a real revolution in your home, a different and classy choice. Difference between bioclimatic greenhouses and verandasWe often devote a lot of care to the choice of our furniture, we are increasingly obsessed with looking for original ideas that can make our home unique. On the other hand, it represents our essence, our way of seeing things. We choose furniture that respects the environment, we go in search of natural products and environmentally friendly choices. We try in every way to dedicate ourselves to the care of our rooms, we choose the combinations, colors and style. We will never buy an item that goes wrong with another or that does not fully satisfy us.
Unfortunately, however, we forget that our home is also made up of an outdoor space, an outdoor area that should be treated with the same attention that we pay to our living rooms, to our bedrooms. And when we decide that the time has come to give a touch up to our gardens, we realize how important it is to better preserve what our home offers us.
Bioclimatic greenhouses represent a valid alternative to simple verandas for this very reason. By not increasing the size of the house, they can be easily placed in any type of space and in addition, they help us to keep ourselves friends with nature. Opt for our solar greenhouses. Select them to add a comfortable environment to your homes, a place that you can enjoy all year round, warm in winter and cool in summer, a moment to take all for yourself and for the people you love. Choose bioclimatic greenhouses if you are a lover of yourself and nature.

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