Vladimir Putin is a “butcher”. So did American President Joe Biden during his meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Poland. After seeing the Polish premier and the Ukrainian foreign and defense ministers, Biden met with Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. The images show the American president at PGE Narodowy Stadium talking and hugging a woman, and taking selfies with children in his arms. “The children told me to pray for their popes, for their grandparents who have returned to fight” in Ukraine, reports Joe Biden. The American president takes on the role of the ‘Consoler-in-Chief’ hugging and stopping to talk to the refugees: “You are brave,” he tells them. “I am not sure “that Russia has changed its strategy in Ukraine, Biden said after yesterday the defense ministry in Moscow announced that the overriding goal is” control of the Donbass. “” I visited Ukrainian refugees. You don’t have to speak the same language to understand the whirlwind of emotions in their eyes. I want to thank my friend, chef Jose Andres and his team, and I want to thank the people of Warsaw for opening their hearts to help, “tweeted the US president. ” Let’s get ready for a long battle for freedom, “he said. Biden said again speaking in Warsaw. “Ukraine is at the forefront of the battle for freedom. We are with the Ukrainian people”, added the US president to the Royal Castle. Russia is “strangling democracy” and wants to do it “not only in her home”. Vladimir Putin has “the audacity” to say that he “is right” but “there is no justification for the invasion of Ukraine,” Biden added, noting that Russia’s actions threaten to bring “decades of war”. The “fault lies with Vladimir Putin alone”, “he must not even think” of touching an inch of NATO territory. “We have a sacred obligation” in article 5 of the Alliance treaty.“This man cannot stay in power,” Biden said, referring to Vladimir Putin called a “dictator trying to rebuild an empire”.
The Kremlin’s response was not long in coming: “Biden’s new insults against Putin further narrow the window of opportunity to mend relations between Russia and the United States”. “It is strange to hear accusations against Putin from Biden, who called for bombing Yugoslavia and killing people”,Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, quoted by TASS. “It is not something that Biden decides. It is only a choice of the citizens of the Russian Federation”, said – according to CNN – the Kremlin spokesman commenting on the words of Joe Biden, according to which Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power. And with respect to this statement, the White House specified that Biden “was not talking about regime change in Russia” .
US President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian foreign and defense ministers, Dmytro Kuleba and Oleksii Reznikov today in Warsaw. The interview, held at the Marriott Hotel around a long white table, is the first in person between the White House tenant and members of the Ukrainian government since the outbreak of the war. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were also present.
Joe Biden pledged “further efforts to help Ukraine defend its territory” and to make Russian President Vladimir Putin “answer for Russia’s brutal aggression, including new sanctions”. This was announced by the White House. “What happens in Ukraine is changing the entire 21st century”US President Joe Biden said during the meeting with the Polish media. According to Kuleba, the American president has assured that the US “will always be with Ukraine, until victory”. During the meeting, Ukrainian ministers presented a list of military equipment useful for the Ukrainian army.
“Establishment in Europe is very important to the United States”. “We are aware that Poland is taking on significant responsibility” in the context of the war in Ukraine. This was stated by President Joe Biden. “We believe we should be in constant contact on how to proceed,” adds Biden. The most important thing that “unites us are common values ​​such as freedom”, said President Joe Biden while meeting Polish President Andrzej Duda. “We consider Article 5 a sacred obligation”. This was stated by President Joe Biden in Warsaw, Poland, referring to the article of the NATO treaty according to which an armed attack against one or more members of the Alliance will be considered as a direct attack against all parties.near the Palace of Culture and Science building on the day of US President Joe Biden’s visit. Protesters staged a performance by lying on the ground and covering themselves with jackets and bags. With Ukrainian posters and flags, displaced people from cities hit by Russian bombing have asked for support from the United States and NATO and to provide Ukraine with the weapons, in particular air and missile defenses, necessary to protect the skies over Ukraine. . The refugees then honored the memory of the war victims of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Bucha, Irpin and other cities.
Yesterday Biden greeted US troops by visiting the 82nd Airborne Division barracks in Rzeszow, just 70 km from the Ukrainian border.

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