Biagio D’Anelli wasted no time. After listening to Miriana Trevisan ‘s interview with Verissimo, the former gieffino wanted to respond harshly to the words spoken by the showgirl on the broadcast, which she declared to have concluded the love affair born inside the GF Vip house. So D’Anelli gave Instagram a bitter outburst on the affair, letting his great disappointment leak out. Biagio D’Anelli, the hard outburst against Miriana
Biagio D’Anelli certainly did not like the words of Miriana Trevisan, who, as a guest at Verissimo, declared that she had interrupted their love story, born during the experience at Big Brother Vip. According to the columnist, in fact, the statements of the showgirl would be totally discordant, as she explained in the stories of Instagram.
The episode of the show hosted by Silvia Toffanin would have been recorded on Thursday morning, before the evening appointment with the live broadcast of Big Brother Vip, during which the former gieffina had confessed that she wanted a confrontation alone with Biagio and that she still felt a feeling her.
Miriana’s statements would therefore not correspond to what was revealed in the episode of Verissimo, in which the showgirl said she wanted to put an end to her story with D’Anelli. Shortly after the episode aired, the columnist replied to the statements of the now ex-partner, explaining the situation and commenting disappointed : “Monopoly money is more real. Without words. Disgust”. Miriana Trevisan, chapter closed with Biagio
Guest of Verissimo’s living room, Miriana Trevisan confessed without filters, speaking precisely of the conclusion of her relationship with Biagio D’Anelli. A decision apparently taken without having consulted the person concerned, given her reaction on social media.
Trevisan’s path inside the most watched house in Italy was studded with more and less stormy moments, and after a brief infatuation with Nicola Pisu, she found in Biagio D’Anelli what she thought was a safe harbor . Yet what seemed like a love story ready to take root and withered before its time.
In fact, it seems that something broke during the days away from the house, so much so that Trevisan interrupted all relationships: “ I don’t regret anything , when he entered the house he made me smile, and this is fundamental for me. I had a very good time with him, ”admitted the showgirl.
“Slowly this story was born, I felt it was very family and I let myself go. But it wasn’t a physical attraction, it was a mental one. When it came out, it was like a piece was ripped off, I wanted to get to know it again. But when he came back I felt cold. There was something wrong , ”she explained. Once she too came out of the reality show, what D’Anelli told on TV deeply wounded her.
“I feel betrayed. For me this story ends here . I am a new Miriana and I don’t want to have a man so close to me and my son. I cannot afford a man who is not understanding. In the past I have made my son suffer for a story. Now I have too big a responsibility , so it ends here ”.
The words of Biagio D’Anelli against Miriana Trevisan on Instagram

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