Since last year 2020, and with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, cybercrime cases have suffered a crucial increase in the number of their attacks. In addition, these increasingly reverse more seriously. In fact, it is estimated that up to 10% of criminal offenses belong to cybercriminals.

ESET , a cybersecurity company, has released a statement warning of new forms of cybercrime through the Amazon portal. The platform has 200 million subscribers in its Prime modality, only in the United States. Amazon ‘s data volume makes it one of the preferred options for scams along with others like Facebook or Instagram.

Fake purchases
One of the methods most used by cybercriminals is phishing emails to company users. Phishing tries to trick its victims into believing that it is an official communication. In this way they gain access to user data.
Generally, the most used phishing mail today has the form of an email where the future victim is informed of the shipment of a product. In this way, the user knowing that he has not made any purchase of said product, clicks to communicate with the customer service of the online company. Clicking on these links is when we are redirected to a website very similar to the official Amazon one. When entering our credentials to log in, it will not start but the cybercriminal will already have this data.
To avoid these types of scams there are a number of guidelines. These types of emails often include grammatical or typing errors.Another very useful recommendation is to verify the domain where the email comes from and contact Amazon to verify the origin.

Gift card scam
Another of the most widespread scam models today has to do with gift cards or gift cards. One of the most used methods is to resort to urgency, causing the victim to feel pressured so that they cannot react properly to the phone call or message from the scam. In this type of case, the victim receives a communication referring to problems with their personal data, which they must resolve by paying a fine for the use of these gift cards.
However, these types of scams are usually the fastest to be detected .so you should not fall under the pressure or urgency of our issuer. In fact, an official body or any company like Amazon will never ask us to pay a fine using gift cards.

Not so incredible offers

As for the scams concerning payments, they all have in common that the final purpose is to obtain our bank details.One of the most used techniques for this is to get the victim to pay outside of Amazon’s secure payment. Cybercriminals achieve this by offering additional discounts. By falling for this deception, we lose money since the Amazon platform does not take care of payments made outside its gateway.
Another of the most common forms adopted by this type of scam is to make a purchase from a seller, who will later inform us of the refund of our money due to lack of stock. In a few days we will receive a phishing email where the identity of Amazon will be supplanted. This email includes a link where you can make the payment in a link external to the company.
To avoid this type of scam, the best solution is to make payments and purchases only through the official Amazon platform, since it will cover us in case of fraud or loss.

Scams through telephone

calls Telephone calls continue to be a means of achieving this type of crime. The most common is usually apre-recorded message impersonating Amazon.In this call, the user will even be questioned to speak with an agent, who will try to get confidential data related to our personal information or bank account. In this case, you have to follow any of the steps mentioned above in other scams: contact Amazon to verify the origin of the call.

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