The transfer market is that wonderful world in which, in alternating phases, the media orchestra can sing a waltz in which different dancers participate. Coaches, defenders, midfielders, but above all forwards. And so, inevitable, the goalscorer waltz has returned in this winter window of probable business and impossible dreams. Higuain, Pjatek, Morata, Ramsey, Icardi : the immediate future of (fanta) football in January passes through them.
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Gonzalo Higuainhe is not happy. You can see it on his face every time he takes the field with Milan. His fast from scoring lasted too long for a striker like him. Il Pipita remained dry for 865 minutes, until the goal against Spal at the end of 2018 that broke the spell. But the respite with his stomach ache did not last long. The former Napoli and Juve center forward thrives on enthusiasm. His character limits have often affected his performance in front of goal on the occasions that matter. He imagined another season with Milan, starring with his goals. Instead, he is witnessing Cutrone’s exploits and a team that goes below what he hoped for.
The fate of #Higuain is decided by passing through #Juventus and not only because the Juventus club has to give the green light to a possible move to @ChelseaFC. Here are the 10 precedents of Pipita against Juve: 3 goals scored (#LaStampa)
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This is why he dreams of the Chelsea of ​​his mentor Sarri in Neapolitan times. But it’s not easy to make his dreams come true. There is a Super Cup in the middle against his former team that holds the card. There are 36 million ransom dancing. This is the amount that the Rossoneri should pay Juve for the Argentine after the 18 million loan. But Leonardo in these hours is studying alternative moves. The Brazilian executive threw himself on Krzysztof Piatek. Good relations with Genoa could open up interesting scenarios. For the Polish gunslinger (19 goals in 20 games so far in rossoblu) there is talk of an onerous loan with the right of redemption for a total of around 50 million.
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But among the dancers invited to the court there is also Alvaro Morata. Should the ex blancos leave, Sarri would aim for Higuain. Spanish in London did not explode as expected. After the good seasons with Juventus, Morata is a bit lost. Once the track is blurred, Sevilla, Milan and Atletico Madrid follow the developments of his story. While at Real home, a substitute for Benzema is thought of, injured in the little finger of his left hand. Among the substitutes, there is talk of Pyatek, but also of Mauro Icardi , struggling with a difficult contract renewal with Inter.
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In the background, quietly but not too much, Juve observes, notes and evaluates. The Adam Ramsey affairhas already been concluded for the summer. The Welshman of Arsenal underwent the first medical examinations in London. He landed in Turin on a free transfer (but with wages and onerous commissions paid by the Juventus club). The point is to understand when. Probably in the summer, but perhaps already now. Allegri is looking for props for the midfield, the second part of the season arrives in which everything will be decided. And so the class and experience of the 28-year-old midfielder could be useful. Arsenal, however, asks for 20 million to free him immediately, Paratici would be ready to drop the winning card. An exchange with Benatia , who ended up in the oblivion of the black and white hierarchies.
Friday the signing of the #Ramsey contract and beyond the façade the #Juventus wants to anticipate his arrival in January. The crux of the price asked by Arsenal and the commissions (9 million) of his agent (#Tuttosport)
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