The sports director general of Betis , Antonio Cordon , at the request of the council, has explained what his vision of the sports project is. The man from Extremadura has asked for trust and union, although he has generated controversy with some of his statements. “Negativity doesn’t help the club grow,” said Cordon.
“We have to thank the trust placed in me and for bringing me to this club. I’ve been a professional for 25 years, I feel very responsible, I have a huge desire to be able to create something beautiful, that will awaken this giant we have in our hands.I’m on it. I want to create a structure, a DNA, but I can’t achieve that alone, it is achieved through all of you, the Board, the players and the city. As soon as I arrived they told me, you can’t talk about the project, the Betico is tired of the project. You can’t talk about patience. I’ve been at the club for five months, many things have been done”, indicated Cordon, who also spoke about the team: “We have to finish adjusting the team, for me today I’m going to defend it to the death, it’s the one that team we have. We can improve it, but we have to defend it, work until the end of the season.Of course I would like to be higher and that yesterday we would have won. We want to have a continuous image, I think it will come. I am more excited that we are going to achieve it, the challenge is higher every day”.
Regarding the objective of his work, Cordon has also appealed to values. “We are working on creating a green DNA, which we all want. Those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Betis has, the spirit, the intensity, the discipline, the intelligence in the game. We are working every day. We do it behind closed doors, we are not going to send it out”, indicated the general sports director, who has asked to leave the bad atmosphere behind: “In no club that I have been have I seen the successes come with a good atmosphere.I don’t know of a football club where there is a tense atmosphere, a negativity, where everyone doesn’t support the team together, they can’t achieve success . One of my great missions is to create a good work environment, with intensity, discipline, excellence, quality. I want to create it behind closed doors. We are creating a team, a structure, a wave that carries the players. All the people who work in the club have to be leaders, number one in their own work. We don’t want a one-year project, that it’s worth staying in the Europa League this year if later we have to fight in the middle or lower positions.I want to create a structure, a club that is sustainable over the years and can boast of our team. This requires perseverance, success is only achieved in this way. The whole club has to be united, remove the negativity that does not help the growth of the club, it has surprised me. Sometimes it gives me the feeling that they want Betis to lose”.
In addition, Cordon has pointed to a necessary youth job. “Betis has to sign players when we have the option, but first we have to see what we have in quarry. It is essential to have knowledge very close and to have the way open so that they can reach the first team”, Cordon said.

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