The Spanish Federation has decided at around 10:50 p.m. the final suspension of the match between Betis and Sevilla , corresponding to the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey . The impact of an object on Joan Jordan’s head forced the entity to stop the match and make that decision, pending what the Competition Committee now ruled , regarding the possible resumption of the match and under what conditions.
The unknown is absoluteregarding the resumption or not of the derby that was being played at the Benito Villamarin, which had been stopped after a plastic stick hit Joan Jordan in the head after Fekir’s direct corner goal. The situation occurred right next to the referee De Burgos Bengoetxea and this, after a few minutes of doubt, sent all the players to the locker room.
The latest information points out from what is included in the referee’s report that the match is going to resume , although neither date nor place has yet been communicated to dispute the remainder of the first half of the derby and the second part of it.
OFFICIAL | The Copa del Rey round of 16 match between @RealBetis and @SevillaFC is suspended.➡️ The RFEF condemns any act of violence on the pitch.
– RFEF (@rfef) January 15, 2022
The Sevilla footballers left a few minutes later inside the changing rooms after Joan Jordan manifested symptoms of dizziness and was treated by the entity’s doctors sevillista.
On the other hand, the Betis players stayed on the bench and their faces changed as they watched on a tablet the situation that had occurred with the blow to the head of Joan Jordan.
Meanwhile, the video scoreboards broadcast messages about the responsibility of the fansand the numerous fines that have come to the club from incidents originating in the stands.

What happens now with the rest of the derby to play

The unknown is absolute and it is not yet known when, how and where the match will resume. The decision corresponds to the Competition Committee , which would be in charge of dictating a date for the match, presumably behind closed doors .
This situation is not new in a cup derby, since a similar thing happened when Juande Ramos , then coach of Sevilla, was hit by a bottle and the match was suspended, which resumed weeks later in Getafe .
The options that arise go through various scenarios, always as decided by the Competition Committee. The derby could resume on Sunday the 16th or on some other date nearby, probably behind closed doors and in another field , since there are no other games and the calendar is quite tight with available dates.
Another more drastic and unlikely decision because it is the most unfair to the athletes, could be to give up the game against Betis and classify Sevilla for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.
A third scenario would be that Sevilla did not agreewith the resolution of the Competition Committee and does not attend the dispute that is established. In that case, the Sevilla club would be considered lost and Betis would qualify for the quarterfinals of the Cup.

Object thrown from the stands

In the 39th minute of the first part of the Copa del Rey derby between Betis and Seville at the Benito Villamarin, a spectator has thrown a bar , probably plastic, which has hit Joan Jordan in the head.
What we never want to see in football!
An object thrown from the stands hit Joan Jordan in the head. The referee sent the players to the locker room tunnel!#CopaDelReyDAZN
– DAZN Spain (@DAZN_ES) January 15, 2022
At that time, Betis was celebrating the equalizer, scored by Nabil Fekir, and the referee was able to see the impact of the object on the player’s head without any problem.
After the initial commotion, Sevilla as a whole retired to the sideline, where six minutes later, Jordan went to the ground and Lopetegui told his team to go to the locker room, while Betis remained on the field.
The arbitration trio has also retired to the locker room where it is still being decided whether the game will resume or not. Six minutes remained to be played in the first half of a Seville Cup derby that was tied at one at the time of suspension.

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