Both in good and bad times, Manuel Pellegrini always remains calm. And after an important reset during, after the black week lived, the Engineer maintains his calm and positive speech for the remainder of the season, both in the League and in Europe and without forgetting that tilin that the Copa del Rey gives him. “Internally there is no kind of drama. We are aware of what we did right and wrong. For any fan to see the team where it is at this point has to be positive. If at the beginning of the season they tell us that in the first third of the championship we were going to be fifth and with options in Europe we were all going to be happy”, said the Chilean as soon as he sat down in the press room of the sports city.
Pellegrini lives in the present and turns the page of the derby, which does not wear him out at all, as he himself indicated: “It has a very clear reading. With eleven against eleven we had possibilities, shots on goal, Bravo did not have to make any saves. It was the typical disputed that when a team is left with one less, all kinds of analysis end, not even for a minute. With ten you cannot pressurize in the opposite field. You have to be intelligent, use your head. We try to hold on to see if We could go on the counterattack or take advantage of a stopped ball. They got a great goal and an own goal, we had the 1-1 but with ten the games do not withstand the slightest analysis. There are no differences when that happens in other games, unless he is a great that stays with ten against a small team. If not, it’s not worth wearing out”.
And facing the duel at the Martinez Valero, the Verdiblanco coach is meditating on who to put in place of the suspended Guido to face a rival whose good level of playing in his stadium stands out: “I’ve had a week to work. We knew we couldn’t play with Guido and we have assessed the best way to replace him. Elche have very good players, it is a difficult team in their field not only because of the forwards. They play good football and personally I face him like all the rivals knowing that he is the most difficult because it is the next one”.
“All games need to be won regardless of what has been done before. We see it with the calm and coolness of analyzing the championship in the total context. We don’t look at the negative things, we try to overcome them. We don’t just look at the positive things, we couldn’t to believe that no one was ever going to beat us”, Pellegrini added in this regard, within his message of calm and optimism.
In addition, he is so focused on the rest of the year until the Christmas break, that he does not think about the transfer market, but about continuing to trust the players he has, whom he trusts to the fullest: “The team has already shown Through all of 2021, which is competitive within the budget level that the club has, the squad has double merit by showing that, after a bad season the previous year in which they finished fifteen, they are capable of getting up and returning to Europe. Unless some special event occurs, the squad has my full support.”
For this reason, I am not going to assess proper names linked to Betis such as Dani Ceballos: “I am not talking about individualities. I give a general answer regarding what I think at the moment for the winter market.” Finally, Pellegrini does not hide his desire to do well in the Cup by aspiring to win it: “It is another alternative to reach Europe, to be able to play a championship final and then in the end the last four play the Super Cup. We want to try win all the championships we face. Then football reality tells you how far you can go. We take it with the same intensity and seriousness as the Europa League or LaLiga”.

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