Manuel Pellegrini’s rotation policy also includes two positions as specific as the goalkeeper and the forward, in which the Betis coach has guaranteed pieces to distribute the minutes. If at the finish line Rui Silva and Claudio Bravo have started a competition in style, the same happens with 9, with Willian Jose and Borja Iglesias alternating according to the coach’s plans.
Claudio Bravo’s performance against Bayer Leverkusen was spectacular. From minute one, with a great stretch to Lucas Alario’s shot, at 94, with a saving intervention against Demirbay when all Benito Villamarin already feared the worst. Those two saves were decisive for Betis to add a point on matchday three of the Europa League and that is how Bravo responded to Rui Silva’s game in Vitoria, in which he kept a clean sheet for the second time this season.
Pellegrini has made it clear since the summer that he has confidence in both goalkeepers and that he has established a rotation according to his criteria to take advantage of their performance. Although Bravo is completely trusted by the Chilean, who also has him as an extension on the pitch, Rui Silva has also shown his reliability, in addition to being a bet for the future of the heliopolitan entity, which signed him for five seasons .
The Portuguese began the championship as a starter, after Bravo later joined the preseason after participating in the Copa America. After fine-tuning his set-up, the Chilean joined the rotations in the first match of the Europa League against Celtic, in which he was already decisive with a save against Jota.
Subsequently, Pellegrini has been alternating the minutes in goal between the two goalkeepers and so far the beneficiary has been the team. If Bravo got the first clean sheet against Getafe, Rui Silva responded in a complicated field like Mendizorroza, in which he also had a decisive participation in the Betico goal, with his high exit to put the ball into play quickly starting the ultimate kickback.
“There is no alternation in the goal, Claudio Bravo arrived late and had a slightly longer preseason. In the goal and in any other place we have 25 players plus the youth players and together we have to start taking out the competitions. Today Claudio is playing , not because of Rui’s performance problem, I am satisfied with what he did, but in goal, with Joel Robles who is another alternative, we have it well covered, and whoever for certain circumstances or reasons we determine will play he is the best for that party”, commented Pellegrini himself on that debate that was established in the environment.
If that competition feeds the goal, the same happens in position 9. Willian Jose’s emergence was explosive, with four goals in his first games that showed his hierarchy in the area, but Borja Iglesias also takes advantage of his moments. In Vitoria, Panda was in the right place, after a great movement, to score the winning goal; and against Leverkusen, after a game in which he fought with the central defenders, he did not hesitate to take the ball to shoot the penalty that put the Verdiblancos ahead.
The results support Pellegrini’s commitment to rotations, even in positions as delicate as goalkeeping or forward. The technician feeds those duels in the squad itself, with which he raises the competitiveness of Betis.

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