Betis and Barcelona are condemned to understand each other over
the future of Emerson and Barcelona has already begun to move. Thus, the Barça club manages different scenarios to recover the Brazilian side and in one of them Juan Miranda appears linked, the left side that interests the Heliopolitan entity.
The first Barça proposal has gone through offering three million euros and the rights of Miranda, which has been valued at six –one less than those marked by the specialized website Transfermarkt–, which would cover the nine million that Barcelona must give Betis to have Emerson for next year. The economic difficulties of the Barça club make it look for other formulas to lower the money to be contributed, hence the name of Miranda was the first to be put on the table, given the Betis interest in continuing to have the left side.
The Emerson purchase contract that was made in 2018 has numerous edges – some of them even doubt their validity – hence the negotiation between Barcelona and Betis is somewhat more complex than usual. The Barça club, furthermore, would not like to have ties in the event that Emerson was finally transferred to another club this summer, hence the possibility of putting some more players on the table is not ruled out either.
Meanwhile, at Betis money is also needed. If the economic situation of Barcelona is very delicate, with its new president, Joan Laporta, seeking financing in the markets, the same is happening in Heliopolis. Of course, in the verdiblanco club if Miranda is valued very positively, who is considered a side with a lot of projection and who has already offered performance this season.
In any case, Barcelona, ​​which this week must extend the left-back’s contract and raise the emoluments to be received, does not want to separate itself completely from Miranda’s future, which is why it wants to have a future repurchase option for a price that would be superior to the 6 million in which it would be appraised now.
Miranda’s projection is indisputable, after he has established himself in the Spanish under 21 team, with which he will play the final phase of the European Championship this June, after having been a starter in two of the three matches that took place. They played at Easter.
If in Betis Emerson has been considered lost for some time, who has had siren songs from big European clubs, the Betis leaders do trust in obtaining a profit from the operation, after the Brazilian has become one of the best right-backs in the championship. Indisputable for Manuel Pellegrini, who has had him as the player he has used the most in the League, the Brazilian has been growing progressively in his football since he arrived at Heliopolis.
The change of agents for Emerson, who now works with the Traffic agency, also places him in the orbit of important teams on the continent, although all of them are waiting for Barcelona’s final decision. Last summer Milan, now qualified for the Champions League, he already showed his interest in the Betis winger, but then the conditions to sign him were impossible due to his relationship with Betis. Now the situation could be different, although not only the Rossoneri team has sounded out the side’s conditions, but also other Spanish and European teams.

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