Betis plans to present a new five-year strategic plan at
the end of the season, according to what Angel Haro and Jose Miguel Lopez Catalan revealed in the club’s official media. The leaders have already been working on the main lines of it, with the construction of the new sports city and the completion of the Benito Villamarin as two important points.
“It is an undoubted fact that Betis is growing, we always want more, but we have achieved a very high percentage of what we set out to do when we arrived. Now we have another strategic plan that we hope to have finalized in June.We must thank the Beticos who have supported us, anonymous people, who have always had their encouragement. The criticism is part, when things do not go well, we are the most responsible. Just like now there is an acknowledgment. You don’t have to be afraid of criticism”, commented the president, who confirmed that the construction of the sports city will begin in April or May, with a completion date of one year.
“In football we lose a game and we It hurts inside and you have a terrible time. This is soccer, it goes game by game and the results rule. But we must have another more global vision, in cycles of 4-5 years, we still lack many things as a club.We have identified it and it is our way of working. Each area has good things and things to improve, that’s what we want. That will be reflected in the field and will give us more points. We are in the process of the plan, we want to announce it in June”, added Lopez Catalan in this regard.
“We had always stated that the most important thing was sporting growth and in the last four seasons we have been to Europe twice and in this we have to continue in this line. It would be 3 of 5, it will be where Betis has to be. All the values ​​of humility, work and effort but with a lot of ambition are reflected in those people who work in the club. The first team works very well, the medical area, physios, technical secretary…We have very good professionals led by Manuel Pellegrini, who is doing a magnificent job, and Antonio Cordon.It’s a gear that works, hopefully we continue down that path”, the vice president also pointed out.
“At certain times in our history there was no continuity, when we went to Europe it was difficult to respond in the League. Now we have solid structures, with a great team, a great coach and it allows you to have options not only in European competitions but also in domestic ones,which are the ones that give you the possibility of continuing up there”, pointed out Angel Haro, who highlighted Betis’ growth: “Because of the size that Betis has, for what it is, because it is a club with a soul, there is a lot few teams in the world that have that ability, they have to be fighting for Europe. But we must not detract from it either, we compete with a team with a bigger budget than us. You have to have humility, have that illusion of having the goal of always being in Europe but not detracting from what it means to be in that fight. There have been difficult moments, we arrived with a clear idea of ​​transforming the reality of the club and having the best club possible.We knew that if we achieved that, sooner or later the results would come. If you have a great structure, you increase the chances of having a great sports team.”

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