The torrent is still a valid option and proof of this is both the number of pages where you can download this type, and the number of users who continue to use this system, simply because they like to collect movies and series.

Options to download movies and series

Elite Torrent is one of the best pages to download free torrent movies . Most of the premiere movies by torrent are here, with a very complete list of films, ranging from great titles of the 90s, to the most current movies. Their premieres are a fundamental part of this page, since they are whatIt usually arouses more interest among users and is what is downloaded the most, while it is an important criterion when choosing a torrent page. And in Elite Torrent the premieres are also of new chapters of series and new series; something that makes this page one of the most complete.
In addition, if you are not one to store files and prefer to free up your hard drive for other purposes, you have the possibility of being able to watch free series and movies online through the Elitestream streaming option.

The Pirate Bay is another valid and quite complete option for downloading torrents, but it has the handicap that the search is somewhat cumbersomeand currently you have to access it through proxies that are full of pop-ups and malicious advertising, something that can seriously damage your computer, not to mention how annoying it can be to have to continually close windows and windows.

Rarbg is another of the options that exist to download movie files. In this case, it has a very simple interface that allows easy and simple access to files. In addition to offering movies and series, we can also find documentaries and even concerts with many quality options, from 720p to 2160p.

1337xis another website where you can find movie files to download by torrent and it has become one of the most popular, since it also includes games, software and music in its catalog, being, together with Elitetorrent, a very complete option and, in addition, with many extras.

Torrentz2 is not strictly a web page to download torrents, but rather a multi-page torrent indexer , which allows it to have a database of more than sixty million links from 91 different domains, the vast majority being trackers. public. It actually acts as a search engine that allows you to find any type of file.

Many more options

As you can see, there are still a huge number of websiteswhere you can find movies and series to download. There are many more: Limetorrents, Extratorrent, YTS, EZTV, Zoogle, Torrentdownloads, Torlock…
The problem with most of these pages is that they are international and it can be very difficult to find titles in Spanish . For this reason, Elitetorrent is a very good option if what we are looking for is dubbed content. It must be said, in any case, that this website also has content in the original version, but the vast majority of its downloads are offered in Spanish from Spain and in Latin Spanish, so that it also has a large number of followers among the Latin American community. .

The best option

Elitetorrent is considered the best Spanish website to download torrentand it is also one of the most visited download pages in Spain, being the largest platform to download movies and series in Spanish.
The reason that this website is the most visited is very simple: its interface is very attractive and easy to use. It offers a lot of extra information about directors and the cast of actors and actresses, as well as a small synopsis, the possibility of seeing the trailer of the film and the votes of other users, so that before choosing a title we can have a lot of information to be able to decide.
Whether through payment platforms or with these options to watch movies and series for free, the truth is thatthe advantage of being able to see them at home and whenever we want, streaming or downloading, is something wonderful.
It occurs to us that this can be a very good option to keep our little ones entertained or to watch a family movie after any of the special meals that now come with the Christmas holidays or, in the case of the little ones, in one of those Christmas vacation days that now they have to enjoy.

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