Throughout the year but especially in summer it is important to protect the skin from the sun’s rays , which cause premature skin aging due to free radicals. But it is even more important to protect yourself from skin diseases that could arise with incorrect exposure to the sun. To tan safely , therefore, it is important to choose the right sunscreen , both for the body and for the face.
Let’s forget the old greasy, sticky and never absorbed sunscreens, today there are face sun creams suitable for every need and every type of skin. Here are the best face sunscreens 2021 , choosing from sunscreen for oily skin or mixed , anti-aging , colored fluids for those who want to cover some imperfections, multi-use products, for those who can’t stand anything on the skin or for those who tend to get stained.

  • The high protection face sunscreen that helps you tan
  • Face sunscreen for ultra sensitive skin with total protection
  • For mature skin, an anti-aging face sunscreen to fight free radicals
  • For those who can’t stand anything on the skin, the invisible sun spray
  • Acneic skin
    The solution and mat face sunscreen with anti-imperfection active ingredients
  • If you can’t see yourself without makeup, choose tinted face sunscreen
  • Light suitcase
    A face-body sunscreen to carry one product only

The high protection face sunscreen that helps you tan
To protect your skin properly , especially the delicate one of the face, it would be better to choose a high protection face sunscreen , at least with spf50. It is not true that by using sunscreens you get tanned less indeed, you tan evenly and the result will be a brilliant complexion, without spots and without sunburn. However, if you do not have many days to expose yourself to the sun or if you usually do not use sunscreen because you are still convinced that you tan more slowly, the ideal is to opt for a face sunscreen with tan activators, which protect from solar radiation and, at the same time, they help the production of melanin.
Angstrom Protect Face Sun Cream 50+ Ultra Moisturizing Total Tanning System
Angstrom Protect 50+ ultra moisturizing sun cream protects the skin from the sun’s rays with a light and non-greasy texture, leaving no residue. Formulated with Triple Moist Complex, it guarantees prolonged high hydration and thanks to the Total Tanning System it helps the production of melanin to improve and prolong the tan.
14,90 EUR
13,88 EUR
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Not all skins tolerate the sun well but, you know, in summer the desire to get a tan and enjoy the sea or the mountains is high and you don’t want to give up your holiday. It is not necessary, just choose a so-called full-screen face sunscreen , which will protect the skin from the sun’s rays even more than a 50+. They are formulated with soothing active ingredients that alleviate the symptoms of sun allergy, do not contain allergenic substances but are enriched with complexes that strengthen the natural protection mechanism of the skin, avoiding the appearance of spots.
Isdin FotoUltra Solar Allergy Fusion Fluid
The Isdin FotoUltra Solar Allergy sunscreen is actually a light fluid that is easily absorbed, protecting the skin up to 2 times more than the protection offered by a sunscreen with spf50 +. Relieves the symptoms of allergic reaction to the sun thanks to 1% ectoin which strengthens the skin’s natural protective mechanism.
26,80 EUR
24,95 EUR
Buy on Amazon For mature skin, an anti-aging face sunscreen to fight free radicals
. another big problem is premature skin aging. Indeed, getting a tan without sunscreen, in the long run it leads to the formation of spots, loss of skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles due to the action of free radicals. More so, mature skin needs a face sunscreen with anti-aging active ingredients that counteract them, thus avoiding wrinkles, the appearance of spots and sagging skin.
Lierac Sunissime Sun Fluid 50+ Anti-age
The Lierac Sunissime 50+ Anti-age facial solar fluid is ideal for a quick but safe tan, designed for mature skin but not only. The light texture blends with the skin without leaving residues and is enriched with pro-taurine that captures free radicals, hyaluronic acid and tanning activator peptide. Prevents the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles and sagging skin by keeping the skin toned, supple, hydrated and with a bright and even complexion.
29,90 EUR
17,98 EUR
Buy on Amazon For those who can’t stand anything on the skin, the invisible sun spray
Facial sunscreenstoday they are not as heavy and greasy as they used to be, they have a light texture and blend with the skin, leaving no traces. But if you can’t stand anything on the skin you really have no excuses, thanks to the waters and solar sprays that vaporize directly on the face, without the need to massage and absorb completely in a few moments. Be careful to choose spray face sunscreens with nebulizers like those of thermal waters, because there are also sprays that need to be massaged and are not completely transparent.
Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive Face Spray 50
The Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive 50 facial sun spray is ideal for those who can’t stand spreading the cream. With the nebulizer it is sprayed on the face and the effect is dry, non-greasy and can be reapplied easily during the day. Resistant to water up to 80 minutes and to sand, water and chlorine, it can also be applied under makeup and is non-comedogenic, thus avoiding the appearance of imperfections.
Buy on Amazon Acneic skin
The solution and mat face sunscreen with anti-imperfection active

ingredients What makes you desist from applying sunscreen , especially on the face, and the feeling of greasiness and heaviness of sunscreenand the fact that pimples and blemishes often appear to appear. For those who suffer from acne, pimples, have oily or combination skin, the ideal is to choose specific mattifying face sun creams, with a mattifying effect, which avoid shine on a skin that already has this problem of its own. The result is a protected skin, with a matte effect at the same time limiting the appearance of imperfections.
Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat Mattifying Fluid spf30
The mattifying mattifying fluid Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat is designed for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. The active ingredients inside limit the appearance of imperfections but above all the texture blends perfectly with the skin, leaving it matted for a long time, without a shiny effect.
21.12 EUR
Buy on Amazon If you can’t see yourself without makeup, choose tinted face sunscreen
Not everyone feels comfortable showing off their natural skin, perhaps with some imperfection or discoloration. However, making up your skin while exposed to the sun is not ideal, because foundations and related products are not tested for such use and allergies or unwanted imperfections may arise. However , there are colored face sun creams , which are not foundation with spf, however they are designed for make-up, but real face sunscreens that give the skin a healthy complexion, smoothing out the complexion while exposing yourself in complete safety.
Avene Tinted Sun Cream spf50
The Avene tinted sunscreen has spf50 for optimal sun protection but, at the same time, is tinted, to even out the complexion and hide imperfections and small discolorations.
22,15 EUR
Buy on Amazon Light suitcase
A face-body sunscreen to carry only one product

Those who want to travel light do not want to bring too many products with them in their suitcase and therefore to choose the right face sunscreen it is better to opt for 2 in 1 products , face and body sun creams . A single product to use on the face and body, but remember to choose a high spf, because the skin of the face is more sensitive and delicate than that of the body.
Collistar Ultra Protection Tanning Cream Face-Body
Collistar ultra protection tanning sun cream face-body guarantees protection against the sun’s rays in a single product to be applied on the face and body. Thanks to the active ingredients contained within, it guarantees a brilliant complexion even for those who usually have difficulty getting tanned, protecting the skin even in conditions of intense sun, such as in the tropics or in the mountains.
32,00 EUR
22,60 EUR
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