Discover Dyson’s collection of special vacuum cleaners for pets and enjoy a hair-free home.
In living with our pets at home, the best possible tools are needed , vacuum cleaners are one of them. Keeping the space as clean as possible will help keep both the pets and the whole family as comfortable as possible. If we have dogs or cats that enjoy our home, sofa, bed or carpets just like people, we need a special vacuum cleaner for pets.Dyson has the ability to create specific tools that leave everything clean, for our furry little ones and for the people who are lucky enough to share our lives with them.
Hair is one of the great enemies of hygiene in our home. It can cause allergies or dirty the most delicate parts of our house. A gust of wind or a few legs that take the hair all over the house, will cause a greater evil. To ensure that our pets and home are impeccable without the need to find hairballs in unsuspected places, regular hygiene is needed, especially at the times of the year when the animals change their fur. Take note of the best Dyson pet vacuums , you can leave your house spotless in a matter of minutes.

Dyson V8™ Animal+ a complete and efficient pet vacuum

One of the first cordless vacuum cleaners to keep our home spotless with petsis this V8 model , designed to achieve perfect results with the minimum possible effort. It includes a brush and 5 accessories to ensure that the vacuum cleaner reaches all possible corners, from the corners of the sofa, to the spaces between furniture. A high suction power and a non-motorized brush fulfill the cleaning function with an autonomy of 40 minutes. It is a light vacuum cleaner that adapts the suction to the surface, in a horizontal or vertical position, it guarantees that no impurity remains in our house. It transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner to be able to clean the most hidden corners of our house. An ideal basic to make living with pets easier.
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Dyson Cyclone V10 autonomy and efficiency in a special vacuum cleaner for pets

This cordless vacuum cleaner for pets is one of those that has a greater suction power , 115AW. This fact guarantees that it leaves any surface clean in a matter of seconds. It includes 2 brushes that will be key to cleaning sofas, carpets or beds, in addition to 6 accessories to reach any part of our house. It has up to 3 suction modes that adapt to all types of surfaces and dirt. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner designed with a bucketwhich is 40% larger, which is emptied with a single gesture maintaining the maximum possible hygiene, the filter is easily washed eliminating any impurity. It charges in a few minutes, it will always be ready on its base with all the accessories perfectly organized. With an autonomy of 60 minutes without cable, we will achieve that thorough cleaning that any coexistence with pets needs, for them and for us, hygiene is an essential element.
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The Dyson Cinetic big ball corded vacuum cleaner cleans all types of floors with pets

We can also opt for a conventional corded vacuum cleanerCapable of cleaning all types of floors. This type of vacuum cleaner is perfect for places where pets spend more time, it absorbs dust or debris that may remain from cat litter or hair from large dogs. With the ability to adapt to all types of floors, it is a great ally to ensure that they are impeccable. It has a brush and a specific accessory for mattresses, especially if we sleep with our pets it is very important to use this type of tool. Some impurities can be hidden in the mattress or on the sofa that the Dyson corded vacuum cleaner will take care of completely eliminating. It does not need a filter, so cleaning this vacuum cleaner will be much easier. It is a Dyson masterpiece that will help us keep the house clean with pets.
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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Absolute 2 is the most complete
corded vacuum cleaner
This vacuum cleaner is one of Dyson’s most complete , having a high efficiency with the cleaning of hairs.If we want to bet on a tool that will allow us to have our house in perfect condition in a matter of minutes, we must take this vacuum cleaner into account . With it, a professional finish and extraordinary hygiene are achieved thanks to its two brushes and 5 accessories. A unique turbine brush in this type of vacuum cleaner completely removes any hair embedded in the carpets.We can use it in the car or in any chair that our pets use, it will be free of hair at the speed of light. It is a silent tool that has a HEPA filter , it guarantees that allergens are trapped inside and do not come out again. It has a maximum range of 9 meters so we can move with the cable through all the rooms, without a time limit.
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Dyson V15™ Detect Absolute the lightweight vacuum cleaner with laser detection

Dyson vacuum cleaners offer a technology for cleaning and hygiene of our home above any other brand. If we have incorporated a new member in the family and we want our house to be impeccable and free of pet hair, thissmart vacuum cleaner is the solution. It has a laser detection system that will eliminate even dust and microscopic impurities , imperceptible to the naked eye. In addition, it adapts its suction system to the dirt it detects, saving effort, time and energy. It is a perfect vacuum cleaner to make coexistence between children and pets easier, everything will be disinfected with this Dyson tool capable of seeing dirt beyond our senses. It has an autonomy of 60 minutes and a suction power of 240 AW.
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