Claudia Osborne, (actually Ortiz Domecq) , the youngest of the three daughters that Bertin Osborne had with Sandra Domecq , is about to publish a book in which she bluntly uncovers her inner demons and the tears that the hardest blows he has suffered throughout his life, as a way of showing a path of self-help.
Dedicated to coaching for a few years, The best of you (Planet) is her first book, written from her life and professional experience. “Life is a precious experience full of ups and downs, of good and bad moments. Being aware of something so simple keeps us in a balance that is the key to being happy,” says the author.
The intention of Bertin’s daughter with this work is for the reader to go on a unique journey, “a journey to discover who she is, what she wants, how it works and in which she will learn to take care of herself in order to achieve inner peace and everything that she sets out to do.” “. To guide him, he captures his own experience in its pages: “I had known for some time that there was something wrong with me. I was not yet thirty years old and had already gone through two depressions —one at twenty-two and another at I had suffered from an eating disorder ,” she confesses.

The premature loss of her mother, Sandra Domecq, in 2004, after a hard battle against cancer , was a very hard setback that, without a doubt, hindered her path to maturity, as she confesses.

During the lockdown last spring, Claudia participated in the Coaches4Spain initiative, which offered free online coaching sessions to better manage the days at home. In his book he also shares the moment in which he discovered the path of self-knowledge. “I knew I had to rebuild my life, but I didn’t know where to start. Once again, the universe did its thing and I met a friend I hadn’t seen for years. While we told each other the thousand and one things that had happened in All that time, he told me that he was finishing coaching training. Until that moment, I didn’t know much about coaching, but I found it very interesting, especially when he told me that a lot of personal things were worked on. That’s when I thought: ‘Wow , just what I need right now, to understand why I’m here!'”
A path to self-knowledge that, as he admits,It has also helped her in her family relationships.“When I was twenty years old, when I received harsh criticism from my family system, I used to react instinctively and fly into a rage. Also, I could be quite ruthless with the words I directed to the person who was interfering in my life. However, after all my self-knowledge work, I no longer react to interference, but I respond. I respond by setting limits, saying no and teaching them how to treat me, “he says.

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