Sometimes you can arrive, almost by chance, from a provincial village to the roof of Europe and Domenico Berardi and his History of the European 2020 are an example. His path begins with kicks a ball first in Bocchigliero and then in Mirto , in the province of Cosenza.
As the boy grows up, everyone notices his qualities and it is time for the audition with Cosenza. In that period, 2008, given the corporate vicissitudes of the rossoblu and someone’s myopia, the transfer skipped. The official reason seems absurd and speaks volumes about the foresight of some team managers.
Given the distance from home, in fact, the very young Berardineeds to rent an apartment to train; this obstacle appears insurmountable to the management and ownership of Cosenza , so much so that the club renounces her engagement. It seems like a joke but it is the reality: Italian football risks losing a great talent due to the company’s unwillingness to bear the accommodation costs of an apartment. This, at least, and what was declared by some former Silani manager.
The young man then goes to Modena where his brother lives and, during a 5-a-side football match, someone from Sassuolo , a little better at observing talents, notices him and takes him to the Emilian team. From that moment on Berardi scored 105 goals with the shirt ofSassuolo and wins Euro 2020 with Italy ; most likely now several clubs will send offers for his card.

Berardi History of the 2020 European Championship – Mancini’s journey with Italy
The first call-up to the senior national team arrives on 3 October 2015 with Conte but the striker is forced to leave the retreat due to injury. Ventura then made him debut on May 31, 2017, in the friendly against San Marino.

Roberto Mancini , on the other hand, calls him on May 19, 2018 and sends him out on June 1, in a friendly against France. His first goal in the Azzurri shirt dates back to 7 October 2020 and the Calabrian never takes the field in the qualifiers for Euro 2020.

Nations League 2020-2021
In the Nations League 2020-2021 he takes the field on 5 occasions, scoring against Poland and Bosnia and contributing to Italy ‘s good path in the competition.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
Regarding the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers , they are still ongoing but Berardi still had time to play against Northern Irelandand to score a goal. Most likely he will also participate in the next qualifying races.

Berardi History of the 2020 European Championship – Euro 2020
As the Europeans get closer, Mancini gives him more and more confidence and makes him play also in the friendly against the Czech Republic ; the Sassuolo player repays him by scoring and playing very well.
For this reason, he also starts in the debut match at the Olympic in Rome against Turkey . In this match Mancini uses him as a right winger and he is one of the best in the field. In fact, the first blue goal was born from a cue of him;Berardi is, in fact, good at jumping the defender and putting a tight ball in the middle, which carom on Demiral and causes his own goal. We see it below:

In addition to this, he is always in the heart of the game and serves Spinazzola in the action of the second goal; he also puts a hand also in the third Italian goal.
The coach puts him on the field also against Switzerland and he is ready, propitiating again the first goal. In the action, he receives the ball from Locatelli, advances the ball and chain, dribbles Rodriguez and puts in the middle a ball on which Locatelli himself pounces and inflates the net. Even the second match of Mimmo and, therefore, masterful.
Against Wales he takes off, leaving room for Chiesa , and sees the pitch again in the Round of 16 match against the Austrians. In this challenge he appears a bit confused and fails to affect, making himself noticed only for an acrobatics that however does not bring the desired results. At minute 84 ‘he leaves the field and in his place Church enters , who then scores in extra time.
In the quarter-finals against Belgium he starts from the belly, enters 10 minutes from the end and therefore does not have time to get noticed. In the semifinal against Spain , the toughest match, Immobile notesat 61 ‘and manages to give sparkle to the blue attack, widely gaining the sufficiency and putting the Spanish defense in difficulty. He also scores a goal, which is rightly canceled for offside and, all in all, plays a good match.
Even in the final against England , Mancini sends him to the bench but makes him enter at 54 ‘, always in place of a dead Immobile . Berardi plays his part and risks scoring a Eurogol on the fly after Bonucci ‘s throw but the ball goes out. At the time of the penalty, he does not hold back and puts it in, making a great contribution to the victory of the Europeansand always being ready in decisive moments. Below, we review the rigor of him that transforms very well:

Overall, we can say that Domenico Berardi plays a great European and is a pawn from which Mancini wants to start again for the near future of the national team.

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