Belen Rodriguez , in this moment of her life, is retracing the avenue of memories. On her Instagram profile of her, she chose to share an old shot with the belly: “Y despues llegaste tu”. A phrase that encompasses all the meaning of sweet expectation, translated into Italian with “and then you came”, referring to her daughter Luna Mari, had by Antonino Spinalbese . From rumors of crisis to melancholy, Belen was overwhelmed by criticism. And this time the followers didn’t go light, they made us laugh. Belen Rodriguez, the pregnancy shot and the criticisms of the followers
The photo published by Belen on Instagram may not be a coincidence. Apart from obviously the less hidden meaning, linked to when she was pregnant, there is much more behind it:the shot is part of a happy period in the showgirl’s life . A moment without shadows, like the current one, due to the frequent rumors of crisis with Spinalbese.
A sweet memory, however, quickly turned into the usual web circus. When we talk about Belen, we are somehow accustomed to criticism or unpleasant comments. It had already happened on the occasion of the publication of her bags on Instagram: there had been many rather malicious observations made about her expensive looks.
“The stones on the wall are all deformed,” wrote one follower. Others were more unpleasant: “Yes, but change the graph“. Or even “your wall is melting, have the heating checked”. And immediately one wonders how acceptable it can be to keep passing certain comments on social media, without any filter, especially because, in the end, we are always talking about an extremely sweet photo. Maybe someone laughs at the comments, but we prefer to preserve the sweetness of the shot , more than any elusive retouch. The crisis with Antonino Spinalbese
The love story between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese was consumed in an exciting way, and was at the center of the chat in pink for a long time. Someone said it would be over after a short time, yet the couple had surprised everyone with the announcement of pregnancy. Then, thebirth of Luna Mari , the celebrations for the first year together with oysters and champagne.
Finally, the crisis on the horizon, first fueled by gossip experts and later denied by a trip to Paris. The serenity lasted very little, especially if we consider that other rumors have been published: Antonino has been with his parents for a period of time and has even already moved into a new house.
The trip to the French capital did not help much: it seems that the path is paved by a very dark crisis. The Whoopsee portal also supports the couple’s separation. “Antonino, in fact, seems to have moved to a new house, different from the one he shared with the Argentine showgirl”. Love can come back
Meanwhile, Belen is enjoying the sun of Sicily and also those wonderful shots of pregnancy: to bring them closer together could be the affection for her daughter.
Belen Rodriguez, the memory of the sweet expectation on Instagram

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