The unusual interview of Belen Esteban in La Resistencia was balanced with a boost of good image for the usual gathering of Telecinco that outside of its habitat, the dish of Salvame, showed ease and commercial self-confidence.Belen was more than talking about her books, which she has, she was going to praise her Murcian potatoes and her gazpacho, “better than Bertin Osborne’s”, products with which she entertained David Broncano, host of the late show on channel #0 from Movistar +
Belen dared to talk about everything and of course he accepted with a smile to talk about how many times he makes love a month and the money he has in the bank, the two questions that Broncano asks each of the guests.
Regarding her pelvic activity, the one from San Blas acknowledged that she is very comfortable. She is 48 years old and her husband, Miguel Marcos, is 34, so her husband supplies her with what she needs. Without specifying specific data, Belen Esteban acknowledged that “two or three times a week” to make love is a figure that “is very good.”I replied to Broncano, “and how much fo…
“, among the applause of the public. The interviewee was one of those who applauded for everything.
As can be seen in the video, this Mediaset star was at ease in the theater of La Resistencia, more jovial than usual, and happy at the sight of her husband from the stands. Be careful at the beginning, with its ride type entrance in a cart. . The factory is in Alhama de Murcia and the chips are from Bullas. Belen is pure meme, as her interviewer reminded her. The businesswoman, who has a fleet of distribution trucks , boasted that the town where she lives, Paracuellos del Jarama, is the “most beautiful in Madrid.”
The full interview of Belen Esteban in ‘La Resistencia’
In economic matters, Belen said that she saves “a lot of money”, but that she has spent a lot. I’m sorry there are people who owe you a lot. Specifically, she recalled the debt that her representative, Tono Sanchis , owes to her, a dispute that is in court. Esteban at the time spoke of 587,383 euros but last night he alluded to “400,000 euros” round.He hopes to collect them one day, but is realistically resigned to not seeing them for now.
There were moments to talk about his mother, his daughter, Benidorm and he even had a special dedication to the actress Candela Pena, whom he admires and whom he hoped to have seen on this unexpected visit to Movistar +.

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