The ideal solution for modern apartments is certainly that of creating a bedroom in the attic . In fact, the attics enjoy a romantic atmosphere, even if a little British is desired, able to give the house that touch of magic and contemporary often sought after: the charm of an effect environment thanks to the presence of sloping or sloping ceilings, of the skylights and the possibility of using wooden beams, perfect for giving a feeling of warmth and protection.
If you are thinking that a small bedroom in the attic could be dark, do not worry: just choose the right furniture carefully.suitable for small spaces and, thanks to our advice, this will no longer be a thought but will turn into real fun, able to give space to all your creativity. You can indulge yourself and decide what sensations you want this environment to convey, ideal for both a bohemian style and a modern, shabby chic decor and much more. In any case, the final result will be a bedroom (small or large) that is original and unusual, comfortable and cozy. Bedroom in the attic: what it is and all the advantages
When we hear about living in the attic, what is meant is basically an apartment that has been in effect obtained from an attic, with all that this entails: there will therefore always be a more or less sloping ceiling, as it follows the slope of the overlying roof. Furthermore, the environment will be characterized by a decidedly higher central part, while some (if not all) of the walls – perimeter sides of the attic and eaves area – will descend. Finally, a distinctive and particular element in these spaces are the windows, usually large and able to let a lot of light into the environment, together with the presence of one or more skylights.
Let’s analyze together all the advantages and benefits of choosing to create your own attic bedroom: first of all, using the attic to create this room allows you to increase the space available in the house (in this case, the decision naturally concerns those who live in a house that also includes an attic). Furthermore, the environments can be exploited ad hoc, with creativity and originality. You will avoid having to endure the noise of the upstairs neighbors and you will have a unique view, whether the attic has side windows, or if you are lucky enough to enjoy a skylight, perfect for this purpose.
Privacy is guaranteed so you won’t have to worry about someone peeking into your home; the atmosphere is unique and, let’s reiterate it, also the natural brightness.
A note to avoid unpleasant surprises: the only flaws found in living in this space are the climatic conditions and the usable space. These are problems that can be easily solved with some ad hoc measures, so it is important to have a good air conditioning system and integrate it with an insulation solution. At the same time, as far as space is concerned, the important thing is to choose the right furniture: having the possibility, relying on custom-made furniture is certainly a more than valid option, however you can find many interesting alternatives both by wandering between shops and fairs. , both by focusing on the strategic arrangement of the various elements inside the room. Furnish the bedroom in the attic: rustic or bohemian style
Creating a romantic and cozy bedroom, rustic or bohemian: anything is possible, you just need to know how to make the most of this space.
For a self-respecting rustic style, elements such as wood and stone cannot be missing from the perfect attic bedroom. The exposed wooden beams, mono or two-tone, represent at the same time an almost obligatory choice and a sort of respect for the nature of this environment, an element that makes it visually very scenographic. Along the same lines, it is possible to create one or more stone or brick walls, using the many materials that can be found on the market: stones and semi-precious stones but also panels made of porcelain stoneware, a cheaper solution for those wishing to recreate the rustic atmosphere at reasonable prices. To complete everything in a more than original way, you could choose to replace the traditional bed with a round one, with a low base.
An interesting alternative for a unique and sophisticated space is the choice of furnishing the bedroom in the attic in a bohemian style, with the help of special fabrics and paintings. In this sense, it is possible to enrich the walls with different types of tapestries and the floors with colored carpets, cushions and poufs. Focus on drapery and patchwork, in addition to the choice of small furniture. As for the bed, the protagonist of this environment, the futon is a solution capable of combining functionality and aesthetic taste, possibly in combination with colored glass jars of various sizes and metal lanterns arranged in various corners of the room. Bedroom in the attic: furnishing small and large spaces
Regardless of the style with which you decide to furnish the bedroom, the rule requires that the lower parts of the attic are intended to contain, while the higher ones are used for the areas in which to move or stop. This premise, however, may not always be adaptable, as it will depend on the size, shape, exposure of the room, etc. So let’s see some differences in the choice of furnishing small rather than large spaces.
In the first case, if the roof were to have a single inclined pitch, the lower part could be exploited to create a sort of niche in which to insert the bed, always paying the utmost attention to the fact that there is enough space to move comfortably. In this way, the highest wall could be used for the positioning of a cabinet, as well as one of the side walls. Alternatively, especially when the wall is complete with a window, it could be very convenient to use it to insert a desk. Also not to be underestimated is the possibility, in the case of medium-high ceilings, to even create a mezzanine where to place the bed (or even an additional bed), thus obtaining precious space for the room.
If you have a rather large bedroom in the attic, even in this case you will only have to choose the solution you like best. In the case of two inclined pitches, it could be decided to place the bed in the most central part, that is the highest one, so as to emphasize the scenographic aspect rendered by the environment. At the same time, the walls could be used for furniture that act as containers (both wardrobes and chests of drawers, as well as trunks and boxes of various sizes) and to arrange comfortable shelves.
Here, then, that by following some precautions it will be possible to furnish your bedroom in the attic in the most original, intelligent, beautiful and functional way possible. The advantages of owning an attic are so many and, with a little creativity, you can make the most of them to create your dream room, welcoming and unique in its kind.

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