What is said and whispered in the Democratic Party after D’Alema’s last move. Polillo’s point
It is not easy to understand the reasons that led Massimo D’Alema to take it out on Matteo Renzi. The disease that, according to him, would have infected the PD, forcing him, together with a handful of heroes, to leave the party, to found Article One. Today a PD who is miraculously cured can make it possible for him to return. And to ensure the ferrying of an ancient “heritage in the context of a greater force”. This may, then, be a reason
. A sort of outing with a justificationist flavor. I return not because we made a mistake, but only because that virus has finally disappeared. Which, at the time of Covid, sounds at least disturbing.
It was therefore inevitable that the sortie would fuel an endless series of controversy. Starting with those directly involved who did not take it well. “When I led the Democratic Party – replied Renzi, in an interview with Il Messaggero – we took 40 percent, governed 17 regions out of 20 and wrote important pages on rights, to lower taxes, on work and on business with Industry 4.0. With us the working class has received more money, not just with 80 euros. For someone like D’Alema, all this is a disease. The recipe of Dr. D’Alema, let’s call it that, is to have 20 percent, to be in opposition in a large part of the Regions, to hold conferences on rights without approving any reforms, to strike at work and to bet on citizenship subsidies. They are two opposite views of life and politics ”.
In the meantime, the Renzian component of the PD – reformist base – was in turmoil. Expressing the intention to oppose any possible recomposition. Forcing the secretary himself – Enrico Letta – to take a clear stance: “The Democratic Party, since it was born 14 years ago, is the only big house of Italian democrats and progressives. I am proud to be its pro tempore secretary and to carry on this story in the interest of Italy. No disease and therefore no cure. Only passion and commitment “. Therefore, Pier Luigi Bersani’s reply followed: “We have seen in time both the prospect of a progressive camp and the risks of drift of Renzism”. Gasoline on the fire.
The chronicles tell that Matteo Renzi is dying to be the Kingmaker of the next President of the Republic again. The dream of repeating what happened seven years ago with the coronation of Sergio Mattarella, after leaving the center right, then led by Silvio Berlusconi, with a handful of flies. For this he needs to move across the board. Flirting both with Matteo Salvini and with Dario Franceschini. D’Alema’s move, we do not know whether it is intentional or purely instinctive, somehow tries to block it, pushing even more into the arms of the center-right. In fact, weakening the position of the PD secretary, in favor of a vote in favor of Mario Draghi. That to travel the road to the Quirinale he would need as wide a line-up as possible.
Were this the intent, then his words against the former ECB would be explained: “The idea that the premier elects himself Head of State and appoints a high-ranking official from the Ministry of Economy in his place – he said in the same context – it seems to me inadequate for a large democratic country like Italy, with all respect for the people “. And then: “I am not impressed that we have Draghi in government, which is a condition of necessity, but the type of cultural campaign that accompanies this operation, on the need to suspend democracy and rely on a power other than anything else the power of large international finance “.
In short, after years and years, a return to Hilferding. An old orthodoxy. But in the great kaleidoscope of the currents of the PD there are not a few who think in the same way.

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