Straightforward, as always, and outspoken. Aurora Ramazzotti was one of the protagonists of the new episode of Belve aired on Friday 18 March 2022 and, pursued by the journalist Francesca Fagnani, she told without hesitation about her adolescence with those obstacles that marked her deeply but which she managed to overcome, also (if not above all) thanks to the help and love of mum Michelle Hunziker and papa Eros Ramazzotti . And just about her parents, he stated in no uncertain terms what she thinks of their hypothetical flashback. Aurora Ramazzotti on parents Eros and Michelle
Belve is not the classic talk all smiles and pleasantries and just the fact that Aurora Ramazzotti has agreed toending up “in the clutches” of Francesca Fagnani does her honor (even Maria De Filippi would have refused). After all, we could not expect anything else from the influencer and daughter of art, she who has become famous not only for the important surname that she bears about her, but above all for her total honesty. Just glance at her Instagram profile to understand it: from post to post Aurora she draws a sincere, enthusiastic, serious self-portrait when needed and touches on certain issues. In short, one can only love her.
The interview granted to Francesca Fagnani on Rai 2 is another piece of this puzzle made up of revelations and lucid and never over the top comments. The journalist could not but take the opportunity to ask Aurora about Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, who recently made us literally jump with the kiss exchanged in prime time on Canale 5 in the one-woman show of their mother. She was there, in the front row, enjoying this idyllic moment but, according to what was declared to Belve, it did not have the effect on her that it had on all the nostalgia of the couple .
After the breakup of Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, many have tried to steal clues and signals about a possible backfirebetween the presenter and the singer. The kiss live, the family portrait for Aurora’s last birthday and even a like on social media have fueled the dream of seeing them again together. Yet in the interview Aurora was unbalanced on her parents, in a completely unexpected way: “I have never cheered, I don’t even remember them together. I find them wonderful but as I know them they are completely incompatible and would exhaust each other. So I hope with all of myself that it doesn’t happen ”.
A lucid, direct and without too much sentimentality analysis by a daughter in love with her mother and her father who, despite having separated from her when she was just 6 years old, they never made her lack for anything. The analysis of a daughter, yes, but also of a woman who is now an adult aware that in a relationship some essential ingredients are needed which, ouch us, in the Eros-Michelle couple evidently are missing. Aurora Ramazzotti, the reply to Tomaso Trussardi
Sweet Aurora Ramazzotti was also quite clear about Michelle Hunziker’s now ex-husband. Many have been said about the end of their love , but today we know with certainty that it was not the “fault” of the alleged return of the flame with Pope Eros (indeed, there would already be another man in the middle). Over the years Aurora has known Trussardi thoroughly and she has made no secret of having learned to love him, indeed to Francesca Fagnani she has revealed thathaving always had an excellent relationship with the scion of the maison.
A statement from Hunziker’s ex-husband about Aurora had been discussed in the days following the breakup. “Our relationships have become a bit rarefied,” she said . A bitter morsel that the daughter of the presenter has not really swallowed: “Tomaso has entered a complex family already of his own – he says to Belve’s microphones -, he has taken charge of the things that no one gives you the tools to manage. I don’t feel that our relationship is compromised. We are different people, we have different ideas but I love him very much “. Belve, the super chic look by Aurora Ramazzotti
Aurora Ramazzotti’s interview with Belve showed all the naturalness of a girl who knows her stuff, aware of herself and her values, but also of her femininity. The daughter of Eros and Michelle for the occasion chose a simple but very trendy look , which shows us how you can be super chic and elegant with a minimal style. Cigarette trousers and halter neck bodysuits , all strictly total black. Two simple garments to highlight the lean physique and the girl’s face, embellished with a make-up in shades of roses and loose hair on the shoulders in soft waves. A secret to copy
The central line, one of the great trends of 2022 and which gives momentum and symmetry to her face.

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