Choosing bathroom furniture to have a tidy room can become complicated. In this article, you will find ideas on which bathroom furniture to choose and some suggestions to embellish it and make it harmonious. Finally, if you want a magical touch that dazzles, you can also find tips on how to shape an elegant bathroom. Bathroom furniture: many possibilities for the wellness room
Depending on circumstances, desires and tastes, we use the bathroom as a mini spa at home or as a useful space to prepare quickly. In any case, it is important that the bathroom furnitureis functional and large enough to hold cleaning products and towels. The alternatives to choose from are many and allow you to better equip limited spaces and large rooms also equipped with anteroom. The composition of the bathroom
The composition of the bathroomrevolves around the water connections, where the sanitary fixtures and the shower are placed. There are therefore three fixed points from which to start in the design, unless you want to completely change the system and move them. You have to decide what should be in a bathroom, in addition to the elements that allow you to provide hygiene. Depending on the space available, it is possible to plan to insert container furniture, cabinets with open shelves, washing machine and possibly even a dryer in the bathroom. When deciding the arrangement of the different elements, it is good to think about the glance of whoever opens the door to enter the bathroom: it is better that the first image is that of the sink or a piece of furniture rather than that of the bathroom fixtures. Bathroom furniture with washing machine and dryer
For those who have enough space, in the bathroom or in the anteroom, the washing machine and, more and more often, a dryer should be placed. The companies that offer both products provide an element to stack them and fix them to each other. Thus the washing machine and dryer remain visible. There are, however, bathroom furniture with space for washing machine and dryer , which are then hidden by appropriate sliding doors. The column thus constituted takes up more space than that of the two exposed appliances, but if the room is large, the solution is certainly valid. A freestanding bathtub
An object with a magnetic charm and the freestanding bathtub, oval, round, with vintage lines or soberly geometric and modern. For those with a large bathroom, it is a magical tool that makes the whole glamorous, welcoming and intoxicating. It is a free-standing bathtub , which must not be recessed or placed against a wall. She remains in the center of the room as the queen of the realm of wellness and body care. It is not suitable for small rooms and stands out on a floor with a strong personality. How to place the bathroom pieces: distance between bathroom fixtures, walls and furniture
The space between the bathroom fixtures and between the walls and the bathroom fixtures is an important aspect to ensure comfort and functionality: a distance of 20-25 cm must always be considered. Even in a small bathroom, in front of the sanitary ware and sink, a passageway at least 55 cm wide must be maintained: this is the minimum space for using the bathroom with sufficient comfort, without contorting. A bathroom furniture suspended or firmly planted on the ground
One of the first choices to make when furnishing the bathroom concerns the storage unit which also includes the sink. For this part of the house you can choose a suspended bathroom cabinetor a piece of furniture that reaches the ground. The first option offers a couple of advantages: it is pleasing to the eye, from a good glance; guarantees great ease of cleaning because the floor remains free from clutter. The second option has the advantage of providing a larger volume to hold towels and useful items. Suspended or ground
sanitary ware. Suspension, levitation and feet firmly planted on the ground also contrast with the suspended or ground sanitary ware. Toilet and bidet on the ground are those with a classic conformation, the most common, with the rear shape that extends towards the ground and towards the wall, which is not very easy to keep clean. Even in the choice of toilet and bidet, we must consider the routine of keeping objects clean: suspended sanitary wareoffer the undisputed advantage of being easier to clean with a quick wipe, leaving the floor free. Bathroom cabinet for washbasin
In the bathroom of the newly purchased house, it often happens that you already have the sink, without the furniture to hold towels and hygiene products. It is therefore necessary to decide which bathroom furniture for washbasin is suitable for your needs. There are open models, consisting of a simple frame with shelves. They are light and comfortable, but do not allow you to protect objects from dust and humidity.Which furniture for a small bathroom How to furnish a small bathroom
You need to focus on dimensions and essentials. First of all, it is possible to evaluate the choice of small sanitary ware: normally they are 55 cm deep and 40 cm wide, but there are shorter models, 50×40 cm. The washing machine can be inserted between the kitchen cabinets, if there is insufficient space in the bathroom. As for the colors of the bathroom furniture and coatings, if space is scarce, it is preferable to adopt light shades : white is fine, but also the more subdued notes of wood, beige and gray. How to beautify the bathroom of the house
Once the arrangement of sanitary ware and furniture is defined, we can ask ourselves how to beautify the bathroomhome. Coatings are the first ground available to sow beauty. Color gives atmosphere and character to the environment. You can choose waterproof tiles or wallpapers with patterns or real illustrations. Mirrors are also aides to the pleasantness of the glance. In fact, they give a pleasant feeling of amplitude, as well as being useful in the daily preparation for going out. Other elements that give a personal touch to the room are flowers, plants, paintings and squares, carpets and rugs, shiny or retro taps. Latest but glorious in beauty, the curtains are skilfully made up eyelids, in combination or in contrast with the whole. Bathroom accessories
The choice of bathroom accessoriesand handmaid of our vision and consideration of the body care and wellness room. There are classic objects that are always found on the shelves above the sink: soap dish, soap dish and container for toothbrush and toothpaste. Other popular accessories in the bathrooms of the entire planet are stools and armchairs: the latter, in particular, are suitable for rather large spaces. But there are also less usual items in the bathroom: for example, those who love music can equip the room with a small stereo.

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