“On the occasion of the technological integration of Bankia and CaixaBank scheduled for the weekend of November 12 to 14, the Bizum service will be temporarily interrupted on Friday 12 at 3:00 p.m. (both for sending and receiving).
You can use Bizum normally from November 14 from its digital banking”. Caixabank’s notice to its Bankia customers before the merger.
The technological process is about to be completed, but before the total integration is carried out, the new members of Caixabank must go through this incident that will last 48 hours .
Bizum is an increasingly widespread service among users, especially for the payment between people of small amounts of money that sometimes we do not carry loose in our pocket, something that has caused it to spread and that Bizum itself limits the operations that a user can receive a month, and surely some of the affected clients will suppose an extra management that period of time.

Those who were Bankia customers before the merger will experience limitations not only in the use of the popular application to receive or send payments, but also in all digital banking operations. On the contrary, it will not affect everything that involves card operations.
With the process complete, customers will not need to sign up again; When you log in, your mobile phone will be linked to your new account
The technological integration of Bankia users to the Caixabank app is scheduled for November 12, although the e-commerce shopping service will no longer be available hours before . With the completion of the technological process, former Bankia customers will have a different IBAN in their accounts and the cards will have the conditions presented by Caixabank.

How to use Bizum with Caixabank
It will be from November 14 when the Bankia mobile application is no longer enabled and these customers will have to resort to theCaixaBankNow app to carry out your procedures. From there they will be able to see and manage their cards, as well as pay in different electronic commerce operations and continue using Bizum. Customers from Bankia must first validate their data and complete the migration without incident. It will not be necessary to register again , but once you have started the session with your original data, the mobile phone will be linked to your new account.
The end of Bankia will coincide with the removal of its website , which will redirect to Caixabank.es and definitively promote the substitution of digital banking from one entity to another.

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