The source of power for all women (or so they say). The fact is that bags play a fundamental role and, how could it be otherwise, they are the star accessory of any guest look. The bag is even more important in styling than the guest shoes themselves (and look how hard it is for us to choose them, especially after the espadrilles have sneaked into the guest looks), so knowing how to find the right one is not always it is a simple task.
The first and fundamental thing for a summer wedding (and for any season) is to find the perfect guest dress that suits our style and personality (in addition to the characteristics of the wedding). once we knowHow is the design and what are its colors , it’s time to choose the bag of our guest look.
You will already have it super clear (after going to several weddings you have learned your lesson), but we remind you that, regardless of how absolutely irresistible it is, it is important that the bag you choose is like and fits all your personal effects. Having this clear premise, it is time to discover all the tips you should know when choosing the guest bag , the star accessory of the wedding look.

What are the guest bags to take to a wedding

Maybe for your day to day you have a favorite bag, the one that accompanies you to work, to meetings with your friends or even to a special date. It is your favorite bag and there is no one who makes you change it for another, but when choosing a bag for your guest look you can not let yourself be dragged by the known.
When it comes to going to a wedding and wearing a perfect guest look, the choice of the bag is key , since they are the type of accessories that they have in order to finish off the styling. Below we leave you a selection of guest bags that you can take to a wedding , even if you like none as much as the one you carry everywhere (we know).

Clutch: Small bag that is usually characterized by being rigid and elongated. It does not have handles or straps and it is the most elegant bag for a perfect guest look, although it does not turn out quite as it does because few things fit.

Wrislet : Type of clutch, but with a handle at one end of the bag to be able to hang it from the hand.

Baguette : It was the bag with which Carrie Bradshaw went down in history in Sex and the City and became an icon of the 2000s. In an elongated shape, this type of bag is once again super trendy this year. Some may have a handle to hang it from the shoulder.

envelope type: Flat bag shaped like an envelope. You should avoid carrying too many things inside as they tend to become deformed (although, really, they are the most comfortable because they fit everything)

Minaudiere : They are what we traditionally call a jewel type. They have a detailed decoration on the front and this year they are super fashionable.

Chest : It is halfway between a clutch and a minaudiere. Includes a small chain.

Tips for choosing the perfect bag

The first and foremost thing when choosing a bag for your guest look is that it is comfortable and that all your personal effects fit insidethat you consider necessary. It is preferable to carry a larger bag and in which everything fits, than to have all your belongings scattered around (or worse, tucked inside a bag that you carry throughout the wedding).
The good thing about the latest trends is that outfits in general and those for guests in particular are becoming much simpler, more comfortable and more practical, so choosing the perfect guest bag seems quite simple. Even so, you should know some basic tips when choosing your guest bag .

How to choose the guest bag according to the colors of the look

If you opt for smooth and soft colors, add a bag with bright colorsand even with some kind of relief. If, on the other hand, your outfit captures attention by itself, we advise you to opt for nude tones. As they say, less is more.

Metallic tones for the guest bag of a daytime wedding

Before, evening weddings used to be associated with handbags in metallic colors . And although this is still a valid option, it has been transformed from the norm to personal choice. Gold and silver tones are more fashionable than ever, so why limit ourselves to only night use

Choose the guest bag based on the dress
Pay close attention when choosing the winning bag. There are notable differences between one model or another. Take into account the style of your dress and its length. A clutch bag is better for more sober outfits, such as those for a night wedding, and envelope-type handbags for fresher looks , such as those that can be seen at a wedding tomorrow.

Choose a guest bag in which all your things fit

Take the essential things with you (wallet, keys, mobile phone…). There are certain handbags that do not allow you to carry too many things inside, such as the clutch type, and that is a bummer. Either you leave your personal effects with someone or you carry them in your hand. In any case, both options are uncomfortable and detract from your glamour.

The guest bag should not match the dress

Combining the bag with the shoes is a trend of the past (although if you want you can also do it) and zero originality. Play with the different mixtures , risk a specific balance within and you will achieve a set of 10. The color block trend that is so popular this season seems ideal to us to wear it at a wedding, especially now in summer, that the acid and lively tones are so flattering .

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