Today the school has reopened its doors amid the perplexities of teachers, school leaders and parents. Opinions differ between science and politics, but Minister Bianchi, this morning on Radio Rai 1, clarified and motivated the choice of the reopening for: ” the evidence that the prolonged, widespread and generalized use of distance learning causes problems for the community life “.
In the interview with Rainew24, Minister Patrizio Bianch I clarified, with regard to the adaptation of ventilation systems in schools, that with the decree of March 22, 2021, the resources were delivered directly to schools and that monitoring is underway . The principals “The forecasts of the specialized magazine” Tutto scuola “they speak of 200 thousand classes in Dad within 7 days from today. An easy prediction to make by looking at the infections. “The president of the National Presidia Association, Antonello Giannelli, told Rainews24.” What the government did not want to do, the pandemic will do – he continued -. In my opinion, it would have been preferable to postpone the opening for 2-3 weeks to achieve the objectives that are currently not achieved. The government has made a legitimate choice that I disagree with. But this is normal in a democratic state. ”
The fears and worries of the principals continue. The principal Lorenza Patriarca, of the Istituto Comprensivo ‘Niccolo Tommaseo’ in Turin, said:“Today, about a hundred students are missing, on average two per class because they are positive for Covid or in any case in quarantine” and he added, “the schools are working miracles. At the moment we have no communication of teacher defections. But we are exhausted and for this reason some of my colleagues go so far as to say let’s close the schools, that for a principal it is the worst thing that can be. by itself, because the indications are very generic “. The policy
“The resumption of lessons in the classroom and in safety is an important signal. Institutes and classrooms are safe and controlled places” ,Andrea Costa , on the sidelines of the visit to the Alfieri secondary school in La Spezia after the Christmas break. “Thanks also to the rules of spacing, ventilation and the use of masks. The vast majority of the teaching staff are vaccinated, as well as the young pupils in the 12-19 age group. The vaccinations of the little ones have also increased”. “Whoever wants to put all our kids in dad immediately – he said – wants to go back to closing the country. This government has a completely different idea. We have chosen to protect the school in presence as much as possible, because it is a place of growth and supervision. for the community: our students have already paid too high a price in this pandemic “.
For Fabio Ciciliano, member of the Technical Scientific Committee, it is better to reopen the school immediately “to avoid the risk of it being closed until February”. He says it in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’. “The current epidemiological picture is probably better than that at the end of January when a growth in infections is expected. School is fundamental for the growth and maturation of children – he explains – perhaps we do not realize that the loss of competitiveness that our children will have the same age as other advanced economy countries will plunge Italy into a condition of backwardness even worse than the one we had in the pre-Covid era
For the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, on the sidelines of the organizational assembly of CGIL Puglia in progress in Bari: ” It is necessary to” put in place “all those prudent measures to prevent this month of January from questioning the entire school year in attendance, which must be guaranteed “ . The number of unvaccinated students is still very high, it is necessary to have all those precautionary measures “.” The data show – he concluded – how distance teaching is reducing the learning capacity of students and, moreover, our country continues to being a country with a very high school dropout “. Doctors
Infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli said, speaking to Agora on RaiTre:“This thing about going back to school now is imprudent and unwarranted in a situation where we can’t afford it . ” The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco , medical director of Irccs Galeazzi in Milan, shares the same opinion. “The situation of the epidemic is growing, we are in an exponential expansion phase. – said Pregliasco on Cusano Italia Tv – The reopening of schools will bring further stress and I fear that the daily value of infections will still continue to grow at least until the end January. I believe that the responsibility of each of us must be relaunched above all. Covid is not a sprint, it is a trench warfare “.
For Professor Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Ministry of Health and full professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome, in an interview with Messaggero said: “Decisions are not being made on the basis of scientific evidence . In this way the pandemic will not stop. And the schools will close. de facto, because distance learning will start with infections in the classroom “. The Regions
For Luca Zaia , governor of Veneto : “The situation is worrying, 25-30% of students and teachers will be absent with defections due to illness, quarantine or lack of vaccination”. “Draghi – added Zaia – get an opinion from the Technical Scientific Committee because the gathering is inevitable, with us, at least 800 thousand people will be confined to the classroom for hours, with the risk that, if there are positive, there will also be infections “. “I am in favor of the reopening of schools – she emphasized – but with precise indications from the CTS. Today’s is in fact a false apartenza”.
Meanwhile, the governor of Campania , Vincenzo de Luca , was the first to postpone the departure of the school until January 31st. “Dad for three weeks for middle and elementary school, to allow for a wider childhood vaccination and to overcome the peak of infections expected for January.And all this by accepting pressing requests from hundreds of principals, mayors and health managers “.
In Campania, explains De Luca,” we believe we are moving on a level of full legitimacy. We are in a situation of extraordinary and dramatic emergency, which only the government does not see. The truly scandalous thing is that the government did not bring together the technical-scientific committee as requested by all the Regions, in order to have an objective and authoritative health basis on which to base decisions “.
Even for a dozen municipalities in Basilicata .school did not restart today. Prolonged Christmas holidays, screening, distance learning: these are the three reasons behind the closure of some dozen municipalities in Basilicata in schools. And what is obtained from an analysis of the Lucanian Anci. n many cases, such as in Potenza, the closure of the institutes has been extended by two days and the reopening is set for Wednesday, January 12; in others the mayors have decided to reopen schools next Monday, January 17, simultaneously launching a screening campaign in schools. The students. The first occupation 2022 against government policies and internal climate
“Let’s say enough of the blackmail between presence and distance learning”. This was stated by Luca Redolfi, coordinator of the Students’ Union. “Transport and our classrooms continue to be overcrowded, school buildings are unsuitable to deal with the pandemic, screenings in many cases have not been done and have not yet been scheduled, FFP2 masks are not guaranteed in schools, the tracking system and completely blown “.
Meanwhile, the students of the Manzoni classical high school in Milan have decided to occupy the school on the third day of classes, which began last Friday, to protest against government policies in the school environment in these two years of pandemic and internal climate. After regularly entering the building in via Orazio, in the center of the city, at 8 am, the students gathered in the inner courtyard for an assembly. Also in 2021, the Manzoni of Milan started the year with an occupation with the boys who spent the night of January 12 in the institute that was closed for the lockdown. No to dad for the disabled. They make caregivers and family prisoners
“Dear administrators, pay attention to the socio-family implications that you put in place. Disabled people at home make prisoners more often than not, caregivers and family members”. The president of the ALM Ileana Argentin declares in a note. “Containing school educational moments is possible for those who, even if with difficulty, do not have pathologies, think instead how complicated it can be to keep a boy with mental or cognitive deficits, without support teachers in front of a computer at home. The whole family becomes victim of an insane mechanism that does not even allow any brothers and sisters to follow the dad. Look for compromises, invent something but do not abandon these “parents”

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