Whether or not you have a green thumb, at this point of the season, it’s time to arrange balconies, any terraces and flower boxes : the task that awaits you is arduous, but the results could be exciting in spring . Just choose and plant the right bulbs .
The bulbs , for the uninitiated, consist of leaves wrapped around a flower embryo, to buy dried and to be grown in containers, following the instructions that will be provided by the attached guide and according to the support, essential for those who are on the first attempt , of the trusted nurseryman.
Generally speaking, the environment in which they will have to grow will respond to onecold temperature that oscillates between 5 ° C and 10 ° C and in low light conditions: the conditions that have been recreated allow the plant to strengthen and prepare for flowering.
Please read the instructions carefully: some bulbs even require absolute darkness so it is necessary to cover the container with a black bag to protect the seed which, usually after two and a half months, can be exposed to light. If you have developed, at this point, a certain curiosity regarding the subject, you will be interested in knowing some of the most frequently used bulbs. Let’s take the crocus, which can produce flowers of various colors, from white to orange to purple; these must be planted under the surface of the ground and kept in a cool place for about three months.
Very fragrant and of great beauty, even in a city apartment, and hyacinth , in its various varieties: pink, blue and white. Equally widespread and impressive are tulips , delicate but splendid to be planted in autumn and will bloom in spring. To see the first results you will have to wait about ten weeks: only after this period of time will you see some signs of growth that will confirm that you are on the right track.
We have mentioned some common ones, but we could make others examples to stimulate your cure: crocuses, for example, they bloom in early spring and herald their arrival. The same goes for the daffodils , with their characteristic yellow color that explodes with the arrival of the season of rebirth. Equally fascinating are the snowdrops , which, like the crocuses , mark the end of winter with their arrival .
Even the bluebells , one of the most characteristic flowers, should be planted in the penumbra and at a distance of about 5 centimeters from each other: their location would be in the shade of trees, in a lawn, which is why it could be more suitable for a garden. rather than a terrace (on which you could also set up a small garden, with the right precautions). Very cheerful are the colors of the variants of the iris that go well with other flowers such as poppies, cornflowers and field grass. They are also perfect for your garden, like the allium .
On the other hand, lilies require more light, which want soils that are not too humid and a sunny exposure compared to other suggested bulbs. Your work will develop over the long term, so start preparing now by choosing the right soil and pots for this demanding activity.

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