On the afternoon of this March 10, both the Government and the various autonomous communities will address, within the Interterritorial Health Council , the question of what will happen with the perimeter closure during the San Jose Bridge and the proximity of Holy Week. At this meeting, the plan to be followed will be drawn up to prevent the coronavirus from spreading throughout the Spanish territory and, probably, the perimeter closure of all the autonomies will continue to be maintained.
In this current 2021 the day of San Jose, which in Spain coincides with Father’s Day, falls on a Friday so it becomes a substitutable national holiday.This means that it can be a holiday in the communities that so wish, as long as said autonomies have not replaced this holiday with another day. Pending the Council’s decision, there are some communities that have chosen to move March 19, Saint Joseph’s Day, to other days of festivities. However, others on the contrary have decided to keep and celebrate the day as a holiday.

Seven communities keep San Jose festive

San Jose is celebrated next Friday, March 19, and up to 7 autonomous communities have decided to keep it this way: the Valencian Community, Murcia, Navarra, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid and the Basque Country.In Valencia, in addition, this holiday coincides with the week of Fallas, also restricted by the pandemic.
On the other hand, falling on a Friday means that this holiday becomes a 3-day bridge, so these communities remain very attentive to what may come out of the meeting that will take place this afternoon, although the forecasts suggest that current measures will not be lifted. So far, the perimeter closure remains in force throughout the national territory.
For Asturias, Cantabria, Catalonia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, both Castillas, La Rioja, Andalusia and Ceuta and Melilla, Friday, March 19 will be a working day and will not be considered a holiday, so it will be a normal day. With this, the 2021 work calendar has a total of 11 national holidays, 9 of them carried out throughout Spain as a whole.

Holiday with world history

Spain is not the only place where there is a tradition of celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Countries like Bolivia, Portugal, Italy or Honduras, are countries where these types of holidays also take place. Although there are other countries such as Russia or Romania that also have this holiday, although on other dates than March 19.
Father’s Day was born in the United States from the gratitude of a daughter , Sonora Smart Dodd, to her father Henry Smart, who after the death of his wife cared for and educated his children without help.

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