Thanks to the agreement with Perform, Sky subscribers will also have access to the three championship races reserved for subscribers of the Dazn service. Article by Giusy Caretto
Sky subscribers will see all Serie A matches. Also the matches broadcast by Dazn, thanks to an agreement with Perform: in this way, subscribers to the pay TV of Mr. Murdoch will also have access to the three championship matches reserved for subscribers to the streaming service.
Serie A starts on August 19 (18 with the advances) and finally the most important game of the League has been played: the puzzle has been built and the fans now know where to watch the matches. THE WINDOWS OF THE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP
Let’s start from the beginning. Serie A will be played in 8 different time slots. Saturday: 3 pm; 18 and 20.30. Sunday: 12.30; 15; 18 and 20.30. Monday: 20.30. Advances to Friday from a European perspective are not excluded.
Sky has bought 7 Serie A matches each round and 16 big matches out of 20, 266 starting exclusively. Perform, on the other hand, won 114 matches. SKY-PERFORM AGREEMENT
Thanks to the agreement, Sky subscribers will also have access to the 3 Serie A matches that Dazn has acquired exclusively. “Today we announce an important agreement with Perform: thanks to this agreement our subscribers have easy and advantageous access to the 3 Serie A matches that Dazn has acquired exclusively. And also Serie B will be available to all our subscribers ”, explained Matteo Mammi, director of sport outside production at Sky. “This is an important deal and good news for our subscribers. The Dazn app will be integrated into SkyQ, while on a commercial level we will make tickets to allow our subscribers to access Dazn ”. ONE SUBSCRIPTION IS NOT ENOUGH
Thanks to the agreement, the DAZN app will be integrated on Sky Q, Murdoch’s latest generation pay TV platform. “It will be possible to access this additional paid service in an extremely simple way directly from the Sky Q home and enjoy it comfortably on your own TV” explains Sky, which “will offer advantageous conditions to its subscribers for the purchase of tickets that allow access to the contents. by Dazn. These tickets, as well as on Sky Q, can also be used on connected devices: tablets, smartphones, computers, smart TVs and video game consoles. Tickets and related conditions dedicated to Sky by its customers will be available by mid-August “.
This means that for Sky subscribers, Dazn will be an additional paid service: through a code (‘ticket’) you can access the application that broadcasts sporting events on demand in streaming. WHAT WILL YOU SEE ON SKY Q
On Sky (including Sky Q) it will be possible to see all the Serie A and Serie B matches, the entire UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the Premier League. A SIMILAR AGREEMENT WITH MEDIASET
The agreement with Sky follows that between Perform and Mediaset: Premium customers will have included access to Dazn (price list 9.99 euros per month) in the 19.90 of the subscription to Premium Calcio, which will not broadcast in the schedule other football.

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