A young Afghan woman, in the rubble of a city at war, takes care of her husband, reduced to a vegetable state by a recent wound. Surrounded by the violence of the clashes and abandoned by her family, the woman finds herself opening her frustrations and fears to her husband’s silent body, revealing the shadows of a life together one piece at a time. The woman is the protagonist of the film “ Come pietra patient ”, a 2012 film directed by Atiq Rahimi. The screenplay was written by Jean-Claude Carriere in collaboration with the director. The subject is based on the novel of the same name by the same director, winner of the 2008 edition of the French literary prize Goncourt. Afghanistan, Khaled Hosseini: “The Afghan people don’t deserve it”
The Kabul-born writer commented on the latest sad developments related to the Taliban conquest of Afghanistan, his homeland.
The Afghanistan plot . A young woman with two daughters at an early age assists her husband mujaeddhin in a miserable home, in a coma following a clash with a comrade in arms. The woman has to fight with the lack of money and for this she pushes her children away from the house, entrusting them to an aunt who runs a pleasure house. From that moment on, she feels even more free to confide previously unspeakable secrets to her spouse. Then when a news breaks into her life, he will end up finding all the courage in her. Afghanistan, the symbolic photo of the desperation of Afghan mothers
Desperate mothers throwing their babies over barbed wire barriers asking soldiers to rescue them. This is the symbolic frame of despair and chaos that reigns in Afghanistan in these hours. As a patient stone
Through the relationship with her maternal aunt and the meeting with a young militiaman, the woman protagonist of the film will be able to transform the living and immobile body of her husband into her “patient stone”, to which she can confide memories, anxieties, secrets and hopes, up to that the stone is not ready to shatter to leave the young wife free. The ‘syngue sabour’ in the Afghan popular tradition is the “patient stone” that is a magic stone to which it is possible to tell all the secrets, the sufferings, the difficulties. The stone is charged with these revelations until it shatters. “Nobody cares about us”, the message of an Afghan girl
The video of an Afghan girl who expresses her anguish on her Twitter for the treatment of her country by the world has gone viralProcess of freedom
The female protagonist during the film progressively acquires luminosity starting from the face thanks to a process of liberating self-analysis, in a sort of contrast with the body of her husband, immobilized in a coma and fed in a rudimentary way by an artisan drip but still capable of causing suffering in the other. A process that will be accelerated by an encounter capable of showing the protagonist a different aspect of reality that she had never been able to experience before. An encounter that allows her to reveal to herself a femininity that had hitherto imploded if not denied. As she denies that burqa that separates her from the world when she leaves the house, thanks to a single gesture that has become a forced habit of hers.Parvana’s Tales, a film to understand what it means to live in Afghanistan
Parvana’s tales and the story of an 11-year-old girl who grew up under the Taliban regime in Kabul in 2001 who oppresses women’s freedom. From book to film
Atiq Rahimi was born as a documentary filmmaker and then moved on to writing which quickly turned into a cinema directed by him. If Terre et cendres, from his novel of the same name, presented in 2004 in Cannes, gets an excellent reception in France, this As a patient stone and destined to retrace its footsteps. Having read the book, the famous screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere immediately proposed its transformation into a screenplay. The film’s stars include Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, Hamid Djavadan, Massi Mrowat, and Hassina Burgan.
Rahimi states “Afghanistan crystallizes all possible human contradictions. For me, today is like George Lucas’ Star Wars: on the one hand, life resembles that of the Middle Ages (the way of dressing, social relations, religious values…) and on the other hand it has the most sophisticated armaments in the world. ” However, it is precisely the vibrations produced by the explosions that seem to irreversibly shake this world, in which time seems to have stopped, that are inferior to the explosive power of the forced hidden experience of the young protagonist.

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