The National Police arrested Salah Eddine Taiebi again last week, the alleged collaborator of Zouhair El Bouhdidi, the alleged jihadist who was preparing an attack in Seville and who was arrested in Morocco on April 9. Taiebi was released with charges, and with precautionary measures, after he was arrested after the confession of El Bouhdidi in Morocco, on April 25 at his home in Seville East.
The decision of the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 4 of the National High Court to release Taiebi collided with the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Office, which had requested his entry into prison and then appealed for his release. The Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has attended to the appeal of the Public Ministry and has again ordered the arrest and imprisonment of the young Taiebi, as confirmed to this newspaper by judicial sources.
The young man, of Moroccan origin and a resident of Calle Thailandia, in East Seville, was arrested last week and is already in jail. According to information published by El Confidencial, Taiebi would have been followed by the Police Information Services since his release. In this period, he would have taken photographs of military objectives and would have had contact with the Islamic State.
Precisely Seville is the headquarters of the 2019 Armed Forces Day, with activities that begin this Thursday and that will have their central act during the morning of Saturday, June 1, with the air and land parade presided over by King Felipe VI.
The anti-terrorist operation began in Morocco on April 9, a few days before Easter, when Zouhair El Bouhdidi was arrested. This young man, 23 years old, is the son of Abderrahim Bouhdidi, imam of the mosque of His Eminence. The police were monitoring him for sharing videos related to the Islamic State. Before Holy Week he made a trip to Morocco, which triggered the alarms of the Spanish Information services.
Bouhdidi was arrested in Casablanca and confessed to the Moroccan police that he had contacted the Islamic State via Telegram. He also said that he wanted to attack Seville, but that a leader of the terrorist organization asked him to wait and form a cell. In that interrogation he gave several names, one of them that of Salah Eddine Taiebi, 22, a classmate at the University of Seville. Both study Arabic Philology.
In the searches of the homes of the two suspects, no explosives or material to make them were found, so the anti-terrorist services believe that they were not preparing an attack imminently and that their plans were still in an embryonic phase.

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