The new frontier of outdoor furniture opens up to beautiful and extremely versatile furniture and accessories. Pieces with interesting lines and volumes, created to complete and furnish terraces, gardens and outdoor spaces of various kinds, but also perfect for embellishing indoor environments during the cold seasons and beyond. The use of ever more performing, light and warm materials, combined with a high quality aesthetic research has in fact given life to extremely versatile furnishing solutions in which the boundary “between inside and outside” is truly increasingly blurred and ethereal. But what and how to choose if you want to buy pieces to take home when needed or with the advent of rainy seasons
Here are 3 points from which to start to better orient your choice.1.Choose something that creates stylistic continuity
If the internal environment is contiguous or close to the external area and furnished with a recognizable and precise style, whether it is a contemporary minimal, a romantic shabby chic or a current jungle style, in the choice of outdoor furniture that you want to bring indoors at the end of the season, you need to maintain a certain stylistic coherence. Materials, lines and colors should therefore respond to the rules of the interior style, in order to create not only a good visual continuity between inside and outside, which is very important especially when we are talking about terraces and balconies, but also to allow a fluid exchange between furniture and furnishings that otherwise it would be forced and not at all harmonious. 2. Balance in size
In the choice of furniture and furnishing elements that perform this double function, dimensions are important, balancing the dimensions is in fact essential in order not to find yourself at the end of the season with
internal situations that are too saturated and not very usable, or on the contrary to empty the living room during the summer to decorate the balcony or terrace. With this in mind, the advice is to play with 2 maximum 3 important pieces of furniture to juggle and organize between inside and outside. Armchairs, small sofas and accessory complements, such as more or less low tables, are among the perfect furniture to create these indoor / outdoor games. Easy to move and combine, they will create perfect relaxation corners in the garden or on the terrace in summer and in autumn they will become the indispensable reading corner of the living room.3.The importance of materials
In this perspective, materials play a truly fundamental role. For this precise use, in fact, components that are too cold are not particularly suitable such as bare steel, therefore not covered or coated, plastics and / or propylene, better orientate on wooden furnishings, teak also inside can give solutions of great charm, on natural materials (such as rattan or wicker) and on textile fibers. The latter, designed and made much more resistant and suitable for outdoor use, give great quality and style to the space and are perfect if you are looking for versatile furniture to be used easily between indoors and outdoors.
A line, the one between indoor and outdoor spaces, less and less distinct and marked which has led to the design of very interesting outdoor solutions. Terrace and living room as well as bedroom and balcony, or kitchen and garden, today can be composed and realized within a concept of complete and original stylistic osmosis that not only opens up areas of the house to be lived all year round, but in which furnishings are fluid elements to move and organize when needed. Functional elements part of a home system that is less rigid and obvious than in the past and actors of a new, freer and more contemporary system.
Claudia Schiera

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