The Beretta Holding group, a historic Italian company specializing in the production of small caliber firearms, has signed an agreement to acquire the entirety of Ruag Ammotec, a company owned by the Swiss government for the manufacture of ammunition. An industrial synergy that will see the birth of an avant-garde pole for the production of small calibers, with Beretta systems and Ruag cartridges. Furthermore, the historic company from Brescia doubles its turnover and employees: it will reach almost 6 thousand employees (2700 of which arrived from the last operation), and will reach a revenue of one and a half billion euros. To which is added a gross operating margin (Ebitda) of three hundred million and a new total of fifty subsidiaries distributed throughout the world. What this acquisition will mean for the future of the group
The president and CEO of Beretta Holding, Pietro Gussalli Beretta , talked about it with Airpress . The acquisition by Beretta Holding of the Swiss group Ruag Ammotec lasted three years, which opens up scenarios for the future of the multinational
The acquisition of Ruag Ammotec, the largest European group in the light ammunition sector, once definitively formalized, will open up many opportunities for the future of Beretta Holding. Opportunities that will appear both on the civil market and on the defense and public order market. All the existing products within the various company realities that make up the Beretta Holding group integrate perfectly with those existing within the Ruag Ammotec companies: this means that a corporate reality is created with a range of items so much interconnected as to have no equal in any other reality in our sector. All this while being able to enjoy highly significant market share positions in the three main divisions: weapons, optics and ammunition.The distinctive features of the group are internationality and family tradition. How they will evolve now with the doubling of the staff and with the presence of about 50 subsidiaries around the world
This acquisition further strengthens the founding structure of a Group with a strong international vision, at the top of which is a family that makes use of the decisive contribution of the best managers in the sector chosen from all over the world. The evolution that we now expect is certainly that of seeing our vocation even more expressed: an enrichment that all Beretta Holding will know and must treasure. The union of the two realities promises to create an integrated pole for the production of high quality weapons and ammunition. Which are the most attractive foreign markets with the new structure
With the structure we are going to form, we expect a very concrete and interesting impulse on the two main markets to which we refer: Europe and the United States, which both account for about 45% of the turnover of the new group. What I also expect is that growth opportunities will soon be seen beyond the two geographical areas mentioned above. All thanks to the formidable leverage of having an extended product range like almost none. Furthermore, the focus on continuing to create the best products in the world in our sectors, combining high technology with the utmost attention to quality and details, will remain one of the distinctive characteristics of the group. The defense sector is innovative and dynamic. How much does your company invest in research and development
And how the Ruag acquisition could affect the R&D sector

The consolidated investment in research and development prior to this acquisition amounted to approximately 25 million euros. After the acquisition and for the years to come, the share in this area will be between 40 and 50 million euros. For this reason, I believe that the so-called “R&D” area will be among those most affected by the synergistic “dialogue” that we will implement between weapons, ammunition and optics.

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