Arisa admitted that she is in love . But not everything always goes according to plan, or desires: sometimes, in fact, problems can also occur, such as distance. Her bond with the dancer Vito Coppola , with whom she triumphed in Dancing with the stars, made us dream. A revenge, a new path or beginning: after that success, the artist has grown, and in a clear way, showing new sides of himself. And if on the one hand she confessed that her heart feels the bite of love, on the other hand she has chosen not to hide her problems. Arisa is in love with Vito Coppola: the “couple” problem
On the occasion of an interview with Candida Morvillo for Corriere della Sera, the journalist asked Arisa a direct question, like few others. “Are you together or not
”And the answer was not at all obvious:“ This is the problem : that we are not together . And not being together at a distance is very difficult. He wants to make his life and he would like me to be there without being intrusive. But I’m not one for strategies, the one who doesn’t write to you or let it ring empty… Life is short “.
The same question had been addressed in the course of Domenica In: Mara Venier had asked the two if they were a couple. On that occasion, Arisa had declared herself engaged, but Vito did not. However, the singer did not hide and shared her thoughts: “A war can happen, time is not infinite and I’m sorry not to say everything you want to say when you think it, I’m sorry not to love seriously, don’t seriously argue. I’m sorry when things are in the middle. I can’t express myself in the middle. Then, I understand that I am not a woman to marry “. A love in half, born in Dancing with the stars
The chemistry between Arisa and Vito Coppola was clear to everyone right away. On the stage of Dancing with the stars, after that kiss live, we began to “cheer” for them, for that underlying love, those sparks that we also perceived through the television screen. An affinity not only physical, but also mental.
During the interview, the artist revealed something more about himself: “If I weren’t Arisa and had more time, I would be a woman not to marry, but to make a statue: I am very inclined to love , I like to take care of the other . But the life I lead is this: I always move followed by many people and I can never follow anyone. I am never alone and, when I am alone, I am very lonely ”.Arisa and Vito, the photos on social media that gave hope
They are not a couple, at least they are not officially together. Light has been made, but it is also true that the two (almost) never pull back. Especially on Instagram, where they have always shared photos together, between posts and stories, like the one in a bathrobe, an intimate and private moment. Who knows, in the future, they may not find a compromise . Love, in the end, is there: and if it is true that everything can, even the distance can be bridged.

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