Extracted directly from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree and used for the first time in Eastern Australia, tea tree oil is used by most companies active in the herbal and pharmaceutical sectors. The applications of tea tree oil range from disinfection of wounds to anti-dandruff benefits, but there are more and more people who use them in household tasks, since a small amount of extract acts as a real natural detergent useful for cleaning objects and surfaces. present within the most disparate living contexts.

Tea tree oil for the well-being of the body
Those who use tea tree oil obviously know what are the strengths of a naturally extracted oil, totally unrelated to the presence of surfactants that are harmful to the human body. And this is why the well-being of the organism is the main motivation that drives pharmacists and herbalists to recommend natural products to their customers, whose basic principle is given by the presence of tea tree oil, even if in a small percentage. Malaleuca extract
is used to disinfect wounds. A small amount applied directly to cuts, small injuries and minor burns can immediately bring the first benefits. The burning disappears from the first minutes after applying the oil, so as to give relief to those who are faced with these types of problems. Then follows a use that can be considered specific, since a bottle of tea tree oil can be useful for combating skin imperfections.
In all these cases it will be sufficient to gently massage the affected area with the oil to obtain the desired results from the first days of treatment. Tea tree oil does not burn when applied directly to the skin, has no side effects and can be used by everyone.
This powerful extract is also capable oftreat and prevent flu and colds . The preparation of any fumigo can include the addition of several drops of natural extract to physiological solutions specially distributed by pharmacies, so as to be able to set in motion a very powerful beneficial action.

Herbal and pharmaceutical uses
As previously stated, the applications of tea tree oil vary in different areas and this means that this plant is widely used by experts in the herbal and pharmaceutical sector. A valid example of how the malaleuca extract can be used in the herbal and pharmaceutical fields is given by the preparation of natural products especially suitable for those with sensitive skin.
In the context of the creation of anti- dandruff shampoos , for example, it has been scientifically demonstrated that the malaleuca can naturally prevent the onset of the malassezia fungus , responsible for the formation on the skin (especially of the head) of whitish or yellowish flakes, sometimes greasy and not at all like aesthetics.
Furthermore, natural toothpastes are packaged with the utmost care and attention by experts in the sector, who daily introduce on the market effective products based on tea tree oil, often in combination with aloe vera or, for a toothpaste. whitening effect, Icelandic lichen .

Tea tree oil for aromatherapy, household cleaning and insects
Few people know that tea tree oil can have beneficial effects in the preparation of real aromatherapy cycles . Especially when you are suffering from a bad flu or a cold, just a few drops of oil on the palm of your hand will be enough to breathe in the scent. The decongestant effect will be almost immediate.
Lastly, the same argument should be made regarding the use of tea tree oil for cleaning in the home. A few drops of product can be enough to do the washing by hand properly. The antibacterial effectand insured, especially on particularly dirty and germ-contaminated clothing. Diluted in water and vinegar, the essential oil is sprayed around the house to create a clean and perfectly disinfected environment.
Against the formation of mold it is essential to use this mixture, since even the experts in the sector are sure of its real cure-all for the walls of the house. Finally, in order to avoid a sudden invasion of insects, the tea tree extract can be used in environments particularly subject to the formation of mold and humidity. It is in these places that especially during the summer season, very annoying insects such as flies, ants, mosquitoes, etc., they love to lay eggs, causing real invasions. It will be necessary, more simply, to distribute a small dose of extract inside the burner-essences and let the extract evaporate slowly and gradually. The intense aromatic load that the oil is able to produce keeps away the most insidious insects, subsequently preventing an increasingly severe infestation compared to the previous one.

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