When the warm season arrives, the time to get back into shape after winter also begins for all women, in particular to eliminate cellulite and orange peel skin. The anti- cellulite brush can be a valid ally of this wellness path and can replace other types of more expensive treatments. But how the anti-cellulite massage brush works
Here is all the information you need to be fitter than ever. Anti-cellulite brush: what it is and how it works
This technique is also known by the name Bodybrushingo Drybrushing: first you need to get a soft body brush with natural bristles, then you have to follow some rather simple procedures.
The treatment requires consistency and must be done every day for at least 5 minutes. It starts from the lower part of the legs and in particular from the feet, passing the brush both on the back and on the sole. It then rises towards the knee, thighs and groin making circular movements . It is very important to start from the bottom and proceed upwards because this is the only way to reactivate the circulatory and lymphatic system.
The anti-cellulite brush methodit must be carried out dry, it means that no products or oils are required, but the brush must be in direct contact with the skin. For this reason it is very important to moisturize the skin after each treatment.
This technique is very ancient, it is thought that it was used even at the time of the Egyptians, but it has never lost its great usefulness. Many are therefore wondering: Does anti- cellulite brush really work
Obviously the results may vary depending on the person, but its benefits are real. The benefits of the anti-cellulite brush
We have therefore seen that this method promotes lymphatic circulation, but its benefits do not stop there. Here are the other beneficial effects on the body:

  • eliminates dead cells and toxins thanks to its exfoliating power;
  • reduces muscle tension, which is why it is also excellent for sportsmen;
  • prepares for hair removal because it avoids the formation of ingrown hairs;
  • tightens the skin and tones the muscles ;
  • promotes micro blood circulation;
  • stimulates the lymphatic system which releases toxins from the body.

That is why it is important to perform this procedure every day and with some consistency. Obviously, the anti-cellulite brush also needs support in terms of physical activity and a healthy and regular diet. To promote the loss of excess fluids and therefore also of the orange peel skin, it is essential to practice sports every day and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to this, it is important to drink plenty of water and eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables . Anti-cellulite brush: where to buy
The tool needed to carry out bodybrushing can be purchased online, at perfumeries, or at stores that sell body care items. The price of the anti-cellulite brushvaries according to the material with which it was made. It is advisable to buy one with natural bristles: it therefore ranges from basic models from 5-6 euros, up to a cost of 25-30 euros.

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