Happiness has the eyes of Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori , who showed themselves together on Instagram, beautiful and very close-knit. But not only that, because the words are added to the looks and the deep bond they share becomes palpable. The two have been together for some time and theirs is a beautiful love story . Made of many small gestures that over time have also shared with followers. Like this important declaration of love. Anna Tatangelo, the statement for Livio Cori
Two shots on both Instagram profiles of them together, which if you look closely they reveal many things in common. And it’s not about the matchy hat – matchy among the latest couple look trends, but aboutlooks, happiness and smiles that tell (as well as words) of a great love. “It doesn’t matter who I was or who you will be because I know we are now ”, wrote Anna Tatangelo, accompanying these special words with a blue heart.
In the stories they then recovered as they walk hand in hand and Livio Cori blows her a kiss on the cheek. Little big moments of joy, which the singer and presenter wanted to share with her many followers. An extra detail
As she told herself in the stories, the second photo was immortalized by a passer-by. Just like any couple would have done to stop a special moment.
And there was no lack of likes and comments from both colleagues in the entertainment world and fans, a common denominator: the joy of seeing the couple so radiant. Anna Tantagelo and Livio Cori, a beautiful couple Anna Tantagelo and Livio Cori form a beautiful and very romantic couple , to bind them that special magic that only love can give and that they have not hidden even from the fans. Their relationship was born in 2021 in a recording studio, but they already knew each other before having both participated in Sanremo. Then work together the start of something beautiful. Something that they also shared with the public, like on Valentine’s Day when in the stories the singer of Sora showed the delivery of a bouquet of roseswith a very romantic dedication: “Not only today but every day the only piece I hear is you. Happy Valentine’s Day love, I love you ”. Important words that make the heart beat.
For some time there has been talk of the possibility that Lady Tata and the rapper convolino get married, but neither of them has ever overbalanced too much on future projects. A diamond ring seen on the singer’s left ring finger made one think of orange blossoms, but she had denied the rumors of marriage. We do not know more than this, but what is certain is that theirs is a great love. Anna Tatangelo to Verissimo had revealed: “It is a story that began in the most unexpected way possible, because I was super cynical, a little disappointed. And yet this relationship grows every day, and I grow every day too. I’m in love, I’m fine. He makes me feel very good, he makes me laugh and I’m happy “.
And it shows: happiness and love have their eyes.
The post on Instagram by Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori

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