Beatriz Zimmermann, mother of Anna and Olivia, has written a letter in which she has stressed that the meaning of vicarious violence as a consequence of the death of her daughters is known and she hopes that after this tragic event the laws “become more hard protecting children .” She also requests that April 27, the day her daughters disappeared, be commemorated as National Children’s Day.
“They don’t have to carry that backpackAnd if love ends, the most important thing is the well-being of the children. If there is abuse from parents, you have to be very blunt because children cannot grow up seeing violence. Children are the future and it is very important that they grow up observing an environment of respect, peace, love and tranquility”, says Beatriz.
The letter begins with a message of thanks to all those people who have been “in hearts and prayers” with the girls and with Beatriz, accompanying “every day” since they disappeared and offering “all the love and help so that it would have a happy ending”. “Unfortunately it was not like that, suffering in pain the most monstrous act that a person can commit: to kill to their own innocent children.
For this reason, Beatriz hopes that the death of Anna and Olivia has not been in vain and maintains that “although now we feel the greatest hatred, despair and pain, it is not to bring more suffering to the world, but quite the opposite; that it transcends in love for children in the form of protection, education and respect”.
He considers that thanks to his girls “many parents now look at their children in a different way and value love and the daily moments of simple things much more.” “That wonderful day to day that I miss so much. What I would give to comb their hair. That simple act right now is what I would most like,” he says.
The letter goes on to say that they are now “two angels who have come into the world teaching a great lesson at the cost of their lives” andmakes it clear that, as a mother, she will fight “against these injustices and the well-being of children. For them and for all children.”
Beatriz highlights that Anna and Olivia “were full of love.” Every day I told them that I loved them very much. I told Olivia: Oli, I have a problem. She replied: Yes, mommy, I know. That you love me too much. And she smiled.”

“Children are our responsibility“, emphasizes Beatriz, who regrets “in her soul” not being able to save her daughters’ lives. “I wish I had been at that moment with them hand in hand and died together. But that could not be because Tomas wanted him to suffer searching for them tirelessly and for life. That was the reason why he left me alive and, of course, he didn’t end up as the greatest murderer in history. Here justice came to light”.
Beatriz highlights in her letter that thanks “to all the energy sent in this heartbreaking case, to all the love they put, the miracle of finding Olivia happened and that the truth was known”. He admits that when they gave him the news, “the world came crashing down on him. “As hard as it is,; feel them when I wake up, when I have breakfast, all day, until I go to bed.”

April 27: National Children’s Day

Anna and Olivia’s mother asks in her letter that every April 27 be commemorated as National Children’s Day to remember that “they are, together with the elderly, our main task of giving love, support and education. Do not forget that they depend on us and that they fully trust our love for them. We have a responsibility”.
Likewise, he hopes that the death of the girls “will serve to create greater awareness of the love we give to our children, to value it and when we are with them, not to have our heads in other matters, but in them.” They need us and love us.”
He adds that Olivia and Anna, “now the little angels of the children”, ask that they give “all the love to their children, dedication, respect and that values ​​be instilled in them for a better world”. “They may have died in body, but their soul is with all of us forever, helping to have more awareness, love and respect for us. The vast majority of people are incredible beings, they have shown it in this cruel act with compassion and pain,” the letter concludes.

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