Listening to “Anna e Marco” by Lucio Dalla, that pearl of a song released in 1979 on Dalla’s eleventh album , entitled “Lucio Dalla”, we can reflect: Anna and Marco are two young people who see their distant future, but they must just grow up and find your own way. What happens to young people of every generation, the bewilderment of a future that seems distant and unattainable.
There is a beautiful phrase by Calvino, well known, which says “sometimes one feels incomplete and is only young”, a strong phrase and at the same time full of truth. When we are young, we are so attached to life that we seem not to live it enough, we seem to be unable to realize our dreams, which always seem far from reaching.The meeting of two young people
The text of the song by Lucio Dalla tells of two young people, Anna and Marco, who are dissatisfied with their life and who have a pessimistic vision of their future. Anna is dissatisfied with her own existence and every day she sees her happiness flowing through her fingers
Anna like there are many
Anna touchy
Anna beautiful look
A look that loses something every day
Anna really likes to dance and it is in the disco, under the ball that looks like their moon (“And the moon and a ball and the sky and a billiard table“), that she meets Marco, a very different boy from her. In fact, while Anna according to Lucio Dalla is a “Star from the periphery”, a star that has many potentialities but who fails to exploit them in the context in which he finds himself, Marco and “Lupo from the suburbs”, the restless boy, who spends his empty days at the bar, or with the bunch of friends to live the day like the previous one. Marco is also bored and would like so much to go away, escape, look for an “elsewhere”. Escape from boredom
When the two find themselves in the disco, their diversity is evident starting from their way of dancing: Anna dances amused and “does not miss a dance”, while Marco “to dance looks like a horse”. The meeting between the boys is so intense that it seems that they “exchange skin”: they understand and share the same pains and anxieties: where is the road to the stars
How do you escape from boredom and from the immobile present
But tell me where will you be
Where is the road to the stars
While they dance they look at each other and swap their skin
But it is precisely their meeting according to the text of Lucio Dalla that will take them to the stars: their meeting makes them fly. The moon is the only one to notice them: it is the symbol of destiny, which looks at them and laughs because they “feel incomplete, but they are only young”. “Anna and Marco” by Lucio Dalla
Anna like there are many
Anna touchy
Anna beautiful look
Look that loses something every day
If she closes her eyes she knows it
suburban star
Anna with her friends
Anna who would like to go away
Marco big shoes and little meat
Marco heart in alarm
With his mother and a sister
Little life, always that
If he closes his eyes he knows
Wolf from the suburbs
Marco with the pack
Marco who would like to go away
And the moon is a ball and the sky is a billiard table
How many stars in pinball machines are more than a billion
Marco is inside a bar
He doesn’t know what he’s going to do
Then there is someone who finds a motorbike, yes can go to town
Anna nice look does not miss a dance
Marco who looks like a horse to dance
In a club that is disgusting
Few people watching them
There is a fag cheering
But tell me where it will be
Where is the road to The stars
While they dance they look at each other and swap their skin
And they begin to fly
With three jumps they are out of the club
With an air of an American comedy
This week is ending too
But America is far away
On the other side of the moon
That looks at them and even if it laughs
To see it almost frightens
And the moon in silence now approaches
With a bunch of stars falls in the street
Moon walking
Moon di city
​​Then a dog passes by and hears something
looks at them, barks and goes away
Anna would have liked to die
Marco wanted to go away
Someone saw them return
Holding hands

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