Orange blossoms for Andrea Pirlo and his partner Valentina Baldini : the former Juventus coach and married, after many years of engagement (and two wonderful children). For him it is the second marriage, since he has a relationship that ended rather abruptly with Deborah Roversi behind him. Andrea Pirlo, the details of the wedding with Valentina Baldini Andrea Pirlo and Valentina Baldinithey said yes last Saturday 12 March 2022, with a splendid ceremony held at the Turin City Hall, celebrated by Mimmo Portas (the leader of the Moderates). For their wedding, the couple chose something simple and very intimate: both very elegant, they crowned their dream of love in front of the people most dear to them. Valentina, in particular, chose a beautiful long white dress with very classic lines , with a wide slit and carved neckline. To accompany it, a delicious bouquet of white roses.
Andrea and Valentina’s wedding came on a warm afternoon that heralds spring, almost surprisingly. Their relationship was boomingfor many years, ever since they first met. The former Juventus champion met Baldini, a Turin real estate developer from a good family, during an appointment at the Turin Golf Club in 2014. And between the two he was love at first sight: not even three years later, in New York, they welcomed their two twin sons Leonardo and Tommaso. Andrea Pirlo, the first marriage with Deborah
For Andrea Pirlo, this is the second marriage. For a long time he was engaged to Deborah Roversi, whom he had met when they were both teenagers, the former Juventus coach and married for the first time in 2001. In a short time, together with Deborah he expanded the family: in 2003 he was born the eldest son Niccolo, while 3 years later Angela also arrived. Their love story seemed to be very solid, albeit surrounded by an aura of mystery. Roversi, in fact, has always been a very reserved woman and she has never loved the spotlight.
However, in 2014 it came, like a bolt from the blue, the news of their farewell. Andrea Pirlo found himself at the center of numerous indiscretions, which spoke of a break that was not exactly serene. His ex-wife herself, in some interviews, had revealed that she had canceled herself during their marriage: “I gave up on myself, and it is difficult to talk about self-denial, renunciation and cancellation alongside a champion”. By telling Vanity Fair the many obstacles encountered in staying close to a personality like Pirlo , Deborah had unleashed her feelings.
But the former Juventus midfielder soon found his smile again: a few months after leaving Roversi, he met the one who has now become his wife in all respects. Andrea and Valentinathey couldn’t be happier and more in love. Not to mention that Pirlo, at this moment, can devote himself entirely to his family: just exonerated from the Juventus bench last year, he has put his brilliant career on pause, certainly intending to resume it as soon as possible. Not before enjoying the warmth of his loved ones , in this period so magical for him.

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