Andalusia opens the appointments to request the third dose against covid for people aged 58 and 59, that is, those born in the years 1963 and 1962. In the population over 60 years of age, 78.1% have already received the reinforcement dose, and this week it will exceed 80%, fulfilling the minimum objective set.
In the coming weeks and progressively, the age brackets will be lowered to give this booster dose to all those over 40 years of age , after health and socio-health personnel have already received it and the reinforcement of those who received AstraZeneca or Janssen is in process.
Andalusia celebrates the first year since the start of the vaccination campaign against covid-19 with15.2 million inoculated doses and 6,925,148 (81.8%) of people with a complete regimen. Since December 27, 2020, when vaccination began in nursing homes throughout Andalusia and in health centers for front-line personnel, it has been twelve months where the strategy of vaccinating the entire population, including children, has been completed. .

Third doses, only by appointment in Andalusia

To receive the third dose you must request an appointment through the established channels:
Through ClicSalud+
Access the ClicSalud+ page
Identify yourself, you can do so with personal data or secure identification. More information.
Press the option Make an appointment for primary care / Vaccination COVID-19.
Through the Salud Responde App
Requires having the application downloaded on a mobile device
Through the Salud Andalucia App
Requires having the application downloaded on a mobile device
Press the option ‘Request an appointment for primary care’ and identify yourself by any of the available means.
Through the telephone number of Salud Responde
Call the telephone number 955 54 50 60
yourself Request an appointment for the covid-19

vaccination Delay in the vaccination of children

The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has assured that they have had to slow down the pace of vaccination of childrendue to the lack of doses, since the ones they have now will be given for “a little more than two days”, but they have reported that the Ministry of Health plans to send 138,000 on Monday, January 3.
The Board had planned to vaccinate 7-year-old children, but without doses they cannot keep the teams “idling.”
Right now Andalusia has 76,500 pediatric vaccines and the rate was 30,000 a day, has detailed the chief executive, who has indicated that there are 187,000 children between 5 and 11 years of age already vaccinated.
He has stressed that this December 27 marks one year since the first vaccine against the coronavirus in Andalusia and that since then 15.2 million doses have been given, immunizing almost 96 percent of the population.
In addition, there are almost 2 million Andalusians with the third booster dose and “only” 421,000 people remain to be vaccinated, whom he has once again asked to do so out of “responsibility”.

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