Despite the exponential increase in infections in recent days due, among other factors, to the new omicron variant that seems more contagious, but at the same time produces a less serious disease, the Andalusian Government does not contemplate, at this time, capacity restrictions, mobility or schedule . This has been stated by the president, Juanma Moreno, during a visit to the Bancosol food bank, which has assured that Andalusia “has 50% less incidence than the whole of Spain” and that if the clinical incidence does not skyrocket, that It is the one we are looking at now, we are not considering tougher measures against the coronavirus . ”
Despite the fact that in Andalusia the peak of infections has been reached this Thursday with 13,344, Juanma Moreno has assured that he feels thatthe pandemic is “cornered and giving the last blows”.He has distanced himself from the positions that communities such as Catalonia or the Basque Country have taken and has ruled out taking measures in the same direction as these this Monday, January 4, when the committee of experts meets again.
However, he has defended the use of masks outdoors , distancing himself from the position of the Popular Party at the national level, which calls it into question. “The Junta de Andalucia does not make decisions regarding the pandemic from the Ministry of Health, but rather by listening to the committee of experts”, In this way, they ensure that they recommended the mandatory use of masks indoors “on these dates when there is proximity and physical proximity” for the festivities. He has assured that, despite being an unpopular measure, “I am the first to feel it very uncomfortable”, they recommend its mandatory use outdoors in accordance with what experts estimate that it should be imposed as a public health measure .
Regarding the quarantine, which now lasts seven days, the president viewed this as a positive measure ” other countries had already shortened the time for quarantines and we believe that it made no sense to continue to quarantine for ten dayswhen the virus has proven to be contagious for six or seven.” Juanma Moreno has also taken the opportunity to ask citizens for prudence and responsibility for the end of the year, “dates that are usually busy and big parties.”
Regarding the parades of Kings, he recalled that the municipalities are “mature” to make a decision for themselves, being aware of how the situation of the pandemic is. Despite this, he has reiterated the request for caution to citizens, “it seems that the new variant is less serious than the previous ones, but let’s not play Russian roulette .”

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